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Small Garden Ideas to Make the Most out of a Tiny Outdoor Space


Apr 15, 2020

Just because you live in a small complex, apartment or cottage shouldn’t mean you should not enjoy the amazing benefits of having a small garden. In fact, a smaller garden is easier to maintain, fun to work with and could be more aesthetically pleasing than a large, oversized one. In this day and age, there are tons of little tips and tricks for you to create a tiny sanctuary in your home. 

Before you begin, decide what you want to achieve with the space. Do you want to create a sanctuary for you to come home to and put your feet up, or would you like to entertain guests? You can then move on to assessing what you can fit into the area. From seating to tables to a barbeque, think strategically to maximize your space to make it work for you. Lastly, pick a color scheme and theme and stick to it. The minute you start deviating from that is when you start getting a cluttered look. In saying this, we delved further into some helpful tips below. Enjoy. 

Design a Living Space

You certainly do not need all of the space in the world to create a comfy little place to entertain a few people. In fact, with a few strategically placed seats or benches and multi-purpose tables, you can easily host a small dinner party, drinks or a small barbeque in your garden. 

If you are really strapped for space, consult with your local decorator and find out whether you can have benches, or bricked seating put in. You can then simply place large outdoor cushions for style and comfort and add those finishing touches like lighting, wall hangings, and string lights. 

Sometimes it’s even worth talking to your local tradesmen to see if there is anything you can alter to widen up the space to fit all of your grandiose plans. Get a quote on how much it might cost you and find a suitable person to get the job done.

Create a Herb Garden

Herb gardens are not only a gorgeous addition to any garden, whether small or large, but they are also incredibly useful too. Their sustainability means fewer trips to the shops and money spent on the small things that you can grow right in your backyard. What is great about a herb garden is that they can be placed almost anywhere and take up as much space as you want them to. 

Our advice is to pick a small nook and replant them in a few small planters for them to grow in the soil. Or, if you are really done in for space, keep them in their pots and layer them from the floor, up to tabletop height, making sure your pot colors match your theme, of course. Make sure you research a bit about what herbs you can plant and how to care for them first. 

Make a Living Wall 

Walls can be effectively utilized for space, too if you are smart. Creating a living wall is not as difficult as it sounds. Living walls maximize your space incredibly and are also beautiful features to add to your garden. If a herb garden is an absolute must for your garden, and your space is incredibly limited, consider hanging them up the wall. For a simple DIY project, you can add shelving and add the pots to that, or you can choose a complete living wall design. 

There are a few chic designs to choose from; panel/modular systems, tray systems and freestanding walls. Not only are the plants grown into these, but they have built-in watering solutions to make it easy to keep your plants thriving.  

Create the Illusion of Space

There are several very savvy tips and tricks you can use to widen your space with a few well-placed items. Mirrors are always a great option to hang to open a space up, and outdoors, they work just as well. Just remember to bring them in or protect them during high winds or heavy rain and hail. Adding a white screen in front of unused space can also help increase the size and neatness of your usable space. You can effectively create a storage area that can be kept out of sight, both reducing the clutter and simplifying your area. 

Certain fashion rules also apply in indoor and outdoor design. Try and choose statement pieces or large pillars in black. It will reduce the chunkiness of the item and enhance the space around it. If you can, choose stripes for a statement wall or a large table. Remember, when your eyes are dragged vertically, it gives the illusion of space and slim tones.  

Combine Style and Storage Space

The rule of thumb for a neat, tranquil area to relax in, is to minimize your clutter, and the only way to do that is by keeping it out of sight. One of the most useful things for a small garden is multi-use furniture. Whether it be seating, a bench, or even a center table, try and find something which doubles as storage to keep pillows, tools or decoration in when you are not using it. 

If you can waterproof it, all the better. Protecting your items from outdoor elements will not only make them last longer but will keep them looking fresh and ready to use when you pull them out. 

Add Small Touches to Maximize the Wow Factor

Strategically place string lights over walls, hanging on roofs and running down poles to maximize light, as well as create a gentle glow in the evenings. Not only do they make an area pop as the sun goes down, but they are affordable and easy to maintain.

Use butler trays as tables. If your space is incredibly tight, make the most of it with little butler trays. Not only are they delightfully adaptable for different spaces, but they can carry enough for them to be really handy when you sit outdoors. 

Last Thoughts

We are going to end this off with a few top tips, especially if you are on a budget. Decorating your backyard or balcony space doesn’t necessarily need to break the bank. What is great about outdoor areas is that you can choose items that can take some battering by the outdoor elements. Why don’t you try your local charity store or second-hand markets to pick up a few cheap items that you can simply add to enhance the space? Getting your hands on something rustic and interesting won’t be too difficult, and you can always go home and give it a coat of paint or zhoosh it up to create a statement piece. Old pots, cups, or bowls can be used as tiny planters for small plants, just be creative and think out of the box to maximize your tiny space. 

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