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Solo Camping? Don’t Forget to Pack These 7 Essentials

ByDave Stopher

May 18, 2021

Solo Camping can be challenging as every morning; you need to count and pack for the next excursion. Running here and there, forgetting a few items. Maybe you can be a serious person who thrives hard on checklists and maintains your essentials in your camping gear neatly but losing things while camping is quite easy. Especially if you are travelling solo, then losing your precious items will not take much time and for you to buy the specific items needed to travel from one end to another. Keeping an extra with you can help you in emergencies or not have the supermarkets around. Here is a list of few essentials that you can pack with you for your solo camping trips.

Lets know about the seven essentials that you should pack for your solo camping trip:

First Aid Kit:

The first aid kit is the first thing in your checklist to be kept in your car, and doesn’t forget to personalize it due to circumstances in the vacation. The First aid kit should be antibiotic cream, bandages, minor wound care, etc. Always try to keep blister packs or small bottles of gastrointestinal, cold and pain relief medicines. Always consider the prescription copy and the generic medication name. It can help if you need anything on vacation and is required to fill your prescription. Also, depending upon your vacation, you can pack sun-screen, after-sun lotions and insect spray. Buying out 4wd accessories from australia wide is super easy as they are one stop solution for the camping and travelling essentials.

Charging Cords:

Pack of charging cords is quite important while travelling as you always want your devices to be charged. Try packing an extra one so you shouldn’t forget it. Cell Phone chargers are easily available, but laptop chargers are harder to search and pack. Always remember to pack a cord for charging the camera or your wireless speakers.


Heading your way into the night wilderness, it is important to pack up a light source with you. The headlamp can be seen as a preferred choice for solo travellers as it keeps your hands free while performing various tasks like holding the trekking poles or cooking; remember to pack extra batteries with you.

Multi-tools and Camping Knife:

Multi-tools and knives are some of the important approaches that you should have while solo camping. The requirements in the midway can be life if your car breaks down or you need a gear piece. In solo camping, you need to rely on yourself, and if you have multi-tools at a place and a knife, things will be easy for you to get stabilized at the campground. The tools are quite helpful if you had to cut wood or gear to get through the camping. 


Navigation tools consisting of an altimeter watch, compass, GPS device, personal locator beacon or PLB and a map are some of the essentials to carry to your solo trips. Try packing a physical copy of the map if you need it in urgency, in case your network stops working. Also, buy out a compass that does not rely on your GPS devices and is not dependent on batteries. The altimeter watch is said to use barometric sensors to measure the air pressure and GPS to estimate the elevation. PLB gadget is widely used for sending alerts to nearby emergency personnel if there is any hazard nearby or any urgent requirement.


Toilet papers are very much important for bathroom needs. If you are coming solo, then there will be no facility of borrowing anything from anyone around. So don’t forget to pack wet wipes, TP, biodegradable soaps, hand sanitiser and a shovel just for digging holes. Apart from this, women do have their set of requirements like Diva cup or Tinkle Bell for making the business easy. Also, store the essentials with you like beard oil, face cream, toner and reusable containers.


Everyone likes to listen to their favourite songs as it calms them down in terms of anxiety. The forest noises tend to amp your news while camping alone in the woods, so if you have your earphones, you can remain calm after listening to your favourite songs while camping.


Transmitting music to the ear canal will ease your body and allow you to travel to your favourite places or plan the way.