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Stack, Build & Repeat

Stack, Build & Repeat

These magnificent and vibrant learning Cubes are from leading French brand; Baby to Love help a child develop their hand to eye coordination as they build, stack, smash and repeat, time and time again. These blocks are soft to touch, with moulded letters, numbers, shapes and pictures to drive a child’s inquisitive nature and allowing them to explore their beautiful texture.

Each side of the 12 cubes offers a different 3D illustration from animals, fruits, shapes and number patterns, they provide the perfect start a child to understand the world around them. Each of the 12 cubes comes in a stunning variety of pastel colours which fit perfectly into a child’s surroundings.

Utilising the Learning Cubes throughout the early stages of a child’s life, will help them begin to learn to recognise animals, fruits and shapes, then as they advance learn to recognise numbers. Next up get your toddler stacking, as they can be assembled by matching shapes. A great way to nourish your baby’s fine motor skills.

Made of an extra soft textured material, you can be rest assured they are safe for your little one, meanwhile their manageable size makes them perfect for little ones to get to grips with. Not to mention each cube is wipeable and easy to clean. Suitable for ages 6m+.

For over 10 years Baby To Love have specialised in the creation of original, innovative and trend led baby products to provide a helpful hand throughout every moment of a child’s growth.

The Baby To Love Learning Cubes cost just £19.95 from BabyToLove.co.uk