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Start Your Trading Journey With 4XFX

ByDave Stopher

Jul 27, 2018 #4XFX, #Business

Technology has permeated every aspect of modern life and changed the way we do everything. From shopping to education to business, technology has had an impact and the trading world is no different. The world of trading holds a lot of potential due to which it attracts investors from all over the globe and trading platforms are just one of the tools that can be used these days in order to get started. There are tons of platforms out there that cater to beginners, but switching platforms once you have gained experience can also be a hassle. Therefore, new traders look for a platform that they can use in the long term. Moving on, a lot of traders sometimes decide to tap into different markets once they get a hang of how they work.

The problem is that a platform might only cater to limited markets and this again requires a trader to either switch platform or operate on multiple ones, which can double the workload. The easiest route out is to search for a comprehensive and useful trading platform that can assist you, regardless of your level of expertise, and also enables you to dip your toes in various markets with ease. Does any such platform exist? Yes, 4XFX is one such option that was launched in the market in March 2018.

While it hasn’t been around for that long, it has gained recognition in the market due to its versatility. It is a simple and user-friendly platform that has provide traders the opportunity of investing in a plethora of vehicles and reap profits. This online brokerage has made use of innovative and advanced technology that give traders access to numerous sophisticated and creative trading tools as well as apps aimed at optimizing their trading activities. One of the top reasons 4XFX has gained recognition is the fact that it enables its users to invest in a number of markets through a single platform. What markets can you invest in? Let’s take a look at them:

  • Commodities: Investment in a number of commodities such as gold is seen as a way to protect yourself from uncertain economic movements and currency devaluation. 4XFX gives you the opportunity to do that and provides you with risk management features, high leverage, low spreads and great rates so you can make profitable and good trades.
  • Stocks: This is one of the oldest markets for traders and is known to provide them with a lot of profits in the long term. Traditionally, people had to consult traders when they wanted to make trades, but now platforms like 4XFX can give access to global financial markets. You can buy stocks in notable global companies like Google and enjoy high leverage, extended trades and great rates. The shares trading technology is exceptional and commission is also low.
  • Forex: 4XFX provides you access to one of the most profitable markets in the world and allows you to trade valuable and exotic pairs of currencies. Low spreads, high leverage and quick trades are some top notch features you can get. Plus, there are also technical analysis tools that can help in making trading decisions and Stop Loss features for risk management.
  • Cryptocurrencies: One of the latest and most popular trends in the market, cryptocurrencies (https://learnbonds.com/bitcoin-billionaire) are sought after by traders these days and 4XFX gives you the opportunity to trade them. The contract sizes are flexible and you can buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies at high leverages. You can also make competitive swaps with ease.
  • Indices: Traders who don’t want to put their money in particular stocks can use the option of indices at 4XFX. There are various tools provided, low margin trading and short and long trading opportunities for every level of trader.

Being able to trade in the market of your choice from a single platform is a huge bonus for traders. The best part is that this is not where the perks associated with 4XFX end. The platform also offers different types of account to accommodate the skills and level of every trader. Those who are new to the trading world and don’t want to risk a lot of money can open a Beginner Account on 4XFX. As the name indicates, it is for those who have just joined and it doesn’t require any minimum initial deposit. There is a Silver Account that asks for a small deposit and is for those who have had some experience, but are still being cautious.

For the more skilled traders or ones that no longer need to learn how to trade stocks, there are Gold and Platinum accounts that can be operated when you make substantial deposits, but they also open up access to great trading tools and software and can give huge returns although carry a higher risk. Another advantage to new traders for using 4XFX is that it has also accumulated high quality educational material that can aid them in adding to their knowledge and teach them effective skills and strategies. Even professional traders can find the material a useful source of information. The e-books and videos are comprehensive and easy-to-understand and can strengthen your concepts.

4XFX also boasts a reliable and strong customer support system and agents are available round the clock to provide assistance when needed. Not only are they knowledgeable regarding the platform itself, but also have a trading background to provide wide-ranging support. Apart from that, the platform is also aware of the importance of security, especially in the trading world. Their security and privacy policies are tough and include the highest level of encryption for preventing any breach of data.

The trading platform has also implemented measures to keep up with technology. Therefore, you will find that 4XFX is a mobile-friendly platform. This is a major benefit because it allows traders to access their accounts regardless of what time it is and where they are. Thus, they are able to make timely trades through which profits are maximized and losses are minimized. With 4XFX, your trading journey can be a fruitful one and help you in achieving your goals.


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