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Feb 8, 2023

A NEW HOME care service – set up in the midst of the pandemic – is celebrating a period of rapid growth.

Newcastle-based Happiest At Home was created to deal with the ever-growing national problem facing individuals and their families who need support, but don’t want to go into residential care.

And the success of the company’s system of finding the perfect CarePal for their clients has led to a nationwide demand for their tailormade service – and a first year turnover around the million pound mark.

The organisation, based at Dobson House, Gosforth, has tried to address some of the challenges faced by statutory home care providers and the pressure they are under, meaning they can only spend a short time with clients.

Happiest At Home not only allows clients to meet a range of prospective carers so they find one that is the right fit but also promises that the same person be providing that care, to allow for continuity.

The system – plus the higher rates of pay offered by the company which are among the best in the country– has seen them not only attract widespread interest from people across the caring profession but also from a number of qualified nurses.

Sam Hackett, director at Happiest at Home, revealed that the amount of interest in the service had been overwhelming.

“We launched in November 2021 and have grown much faster than we anticipated,” said Sam.

“We knew what the challenges were that needed to be addressed to create a service that worked for both care staff and for clients and we are delighted at how well it has been received.”

Happiest at Home offers support for everyone from elderly care to those with learning difficulties, needing help with their children or who have physical disabilities.

“We know the majority of people want to keep their independence and prefer to remain in their own homes,” said Sam.

“We are providing a way that they can do this, with carers who have more time to spend with them and so can provide a real high quality of care.”

As well as across the North East, Happiest at Home now has clients as far afield as Scotland, Northern Ireland and across the south of the country.

“Everyone is well aware that the care industry is in real crisis,” said Sam.

“We offer a solution which differs from traditional home care in terms of the fact that we match our CarePals with individual clients wants and needs, and our clients see the same happy face each and every visit.”

“We believe that what we are doing is a way of keeping people working within this industry and getting well paid for it, as well as providing a versatile and dedicated service which allows clients to keep their independence.”

Happiest at Home is looking for new people to join their team as well as expanding it’s client base. For further information visit www.wearehappiestathome.co.uk or email hello@wearehappiestathome.co.uk

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