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Nov 19, 2019 #Business, #newcastle

TT2 Limited, the operator of the Tyne Tunnels, is announcing a change in the time of its overnight maintenance closures to better accommodate Nissan staff and Sunderland football fans.

Following feedback from Black Cats living north of the river and evening workers at the Nissan factory, the team at TT2 has taken the decision to change the time that the tunnel closes to allow maintenance staff in to 23.45, Monday to Thursday. The closure normally lasts approximately 10 minutes, and while maintenance takes place, a 10-mph speed limit is in force.

Customers had contacted the tunnel operator regarding the previous closure time, as it caused delays when fans were returning home from midweek Sunderland home games. It also negatively affected those working one of the later shifts at Nissan.

The new closure and maintenance times will come into effect from Monday 4 November.

Chris Ward, Customer Operations Manager at TT2 Limited said: “Following customer feedback, we’re delighted to announce a change in time for the closures which take place prior to our overnight maintenance work, which will positively impact our customers working at Nissan and attending Sunderland games in the evening.

“In order to keep our customers safe, we must carry out regular maintenance on the tunnels, both in areas which can and can’t be seen from the main road, and it is essential that we close the tunnel briefly to allow our team safe access to the place they’re working.

“We’ve monitored the levels of traffic throughout the night, and we’re certain we’ve found a time that will impact the minimum number of customers, while still adhering to our high standard of safety for our staff.

“We’d like to thank our customers for their constructive and helpful feedback which has helped us to inform our decision.”

Maintenance work takes place overnight at the Tyne Tunnel Monday to Thursday, with a closure of approximately 10 minutes at 23.45 to allow staff safe entry. A 10-mph speed limit is in force during the maintenance period.

By lnath