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Sunderland Project Manager Asks The World to Stick Your Neck Out

ByDave Stopher

Aug 16, 2019

John Baharie, descendant of Alexander Baharie who opened the first school of Navigation in Sunderland in the early 1800’s, has released a fast paced novel based in South Tyneside and London that is receiving a lot of attention.

The novel, Stick Your Neck Out, is full of political satire that focuses on when and how you know to do the right thing.

Set in the near future, with a Prime Minister that governs the Muslim section of the population rather differently, the story focuses on the actions of one ordinary man from Sunderland, Paul Robinson.

The escapades he gets up to across the South and North East, in an effort to stick his neck out for what he is driven to believe is right, are at times brutal, at times funny – it is a full on chase and an examination of what bravery really is, in a world where security against terrorism has blurred the lines of true justice.

The author, John Baharie, has taken his knowledge of the area and his work split between IT project management and education to create colourful characters that readers can relate to. He said:

“Working in project management for local authorities and then in education teaching, assisting and lecturing in the North East and North West, I have picked up a innate belief that life is just about people, not beliefs, cultures or politics, and that good can prevail where you least expect it.

“Stick Your Neck Out was exploratory writing for me, to see if I could follow in the footsteps of my ancestor who also wrote a book, copies of which are preserved in Sunderland city library. I am delighted to say that my book is being really well received, with positive feedback and that even though it is based in the near-future with new technology and political systems, that people seem to fully immerse themselves in it.”

Available for purchase on Amazon as a ebook now, and in paperback soon, the story is appealing to all age groups, male and female.

John concluded: “Throughout the book there is a hat, and this hat is a symbol of life. How we can lose focus, make mistakes and get things wrong, but that at the end of the day, the right thing still can prevail. I am very humbled by the compliments of those that have read it so far, and look forward to it reaching a much wider audience.”

John also has a website with ways to purchase and more information. This can be found at www.stickyourneckout.co.uk