• Sat. Apr 20th, 2024

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Sunflowers bring joy to Rebecca

In today’s climate of economic instability, high cost of living and increasing taxes, a Wearside author has injected sunshine and hope into her new book which she hopes will help people cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Life-coach and author, Dr Rebecca Dinsdale from Sunderland has previously penned two books aimed at helping people seek positivity and reflection. Lifejoy ~ Your Manual for Resilient Living and Your Lifejoy Year ~ An Enriching Thought for Every Day. Now she has completed the third in the series Lifejoy Journal, which is an adventure to hope, happiness and harmony.

The remarkable thing about the book is that the positivity it sends masks the hardships Rebecca endures with a debilitating condition that has been with her for more than 30 years.

At the age of 17, Rebecca was seriously ill with Glandular Fever which was the start of M.E. and meant that she couldn’t function physically. The effects lasted for more than two decades, and she spent many months of each year in bed, housebound or hospitalised. Now she is still affected by M.E which has limited the things she can do physically. Despite this, she completed her Degree, Masters, and Doctorate; became a successful author and helps other people by offering coaching and counselling sessions to help others transform their burnout into balance. She also takes care of people with M.E., Long Covid and other debilitating conditions.

“Being so ill teaches you resilience, gives you great fortitude and an appreciation for the things in life that we do have. No matter what your ailment, there’s always thousands of people who are worse off than you who would gladly swap with you. It’s all about perspective and the way you look at life and the books are there to help you to find the coping strategies to manage those difficult days,” she said.

The book is written in short sections so if you’re unwell or have no energy or time, you can read a single page and feel better for it. Rebecca believes the book is the epitome of self-care and can give more benefits than a visit to the spa or a retail therapy spree. She sees self-care as an inside job.

The cover of the book is decorated with sunflowers which have played an important part in Rebecca’s life.

“When I was young and very poorly, I spent months confined in my bedroom. I said to my mum that I’d like to have the bedroom painted golden yellow so that even when I’m not out in the sunshine it would still be with me. Someone then gave me a pack of sunflower seeds and I remember thinking “I just need to be well enough to plant them.

“Eventually I did plant them, and they grew to be about an inch tall and they were desperately sad but they were valiant. I love sunflowers because they are tall, they are golden, and they seek the light and occasionally need some support too. They really sum my work up. They bring warmth and brilliance to places where perhaps there isn’t any and that’s what I hope the books and coaching will do too.

“I love writing and talking to people but most of all, I love listening. I’m always inspired by brave people so my books celebrate goodness, courage and joy and I hope that after you’ve read even just a couple of pages, you feel better and that you can cope with the difficult things in your life,“ she said.

Lifejoy Journal is available from www.drrebecca.org.uk