• Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

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SWICILY, an organic grape sugar substitute, is celebrating the launch of ‘Home Sweet Home’, 202 limited edition boxes containing a signed and numbered print by Magnum photographer Cristina de Middel and a bottle of SWICILY.

The print will be of museum quality and 17 x 17 cm in size and signed by the artist. The work of De Middel has been displayed at San Francisco MoMa, the Tate and she has completed commissions for Vogue, Christian Dior and the Nobel Prize Foundation.  Cristina De Middel is making a name for herself as a disruptive, contemporary photographer who captures images that are impulsive, positive and unconventional.

The launch of SWICILY’s first limited edition box is to support the brand’s social engagement surrounding the immigration crisis in the Mediterranean. ‘Home Sweet Home’ is set to be a series of images from De Middel around the theme of home and family. The art project will in its turn fund a parallel initiative run by the African Artists Foundation in Lagos, Nigeria with the support of visionary curator Nwagbogu.

Available for purchase on the SWICILY site, the first edition will be priced at £222 GBP. This was a conscious choice by the brand as the number 222 is the number of grapes usaed to produce each bottle. According to numerology, 22 is also a powerful figure that turns dreams into reality and is perfectly balanced.

To further support the ‘Home Sweet Home’ project, Christina de Middel has donated her work and will sign and number each print. The edition will be limited to 202 boxes, each containing a signed print and a bottle of SWICILY.

The limited edition gift will also be available at SWICILY Chelsea and other curated points of sale in NYC, Madrid and Lagos.

As the ‘Home Sweet Home’ series is centred around themes of home, SWICILY ensures that the production of its product is ethical and protects its home. The brand constantly reviews its manufacturing processes across as many sectors as possible.

SWICILY, a unique artisan sugar substitute, was founded by Patricia de Middel. SWICILY is grown organically and ethically by local farmers in Sicily and is a liquid sugar alternative. Currently, SWICILY is available in 250ml bottles. The production of the product is based on ancient Mediterranean traditions and utilises the natural sweetness of grapes. The natural nectar of the grapes is unprocessed, which allows the product to retain its nutrients and vitamins and lower its glycemic load. This ensures the product can retain its sweet taste whilst lowering its calories.

On her product, Patricia de Middel said: “I wanted to put my years of experience in growing and developing businesses into showing how an ethical food company could become successful. In SWICILY, we aim to end the love/hate relationship with sugar and encourage the world to enjoy a healthier, more luxurious experience of food.”

SWICILY has received international acclaim from prominent figures in the food industry, such as private chef Miguel Jensen and Sindy Lazo, winner of the first US MasterChef Latina. From online giant Amazon to gourmet boutiques in Italy, Belgium, Switzerland and France, SWICILY is available for purchase all over the world. Most significantly, however, SWICILY has been welcomed into homes in Sicily and has become a part of local Sicilian cooking.

The timing of the launch of the limited edition print and SWICILY product will no doubt be welcomed by individuals searching for unique and meaningful Christmas presents