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Swimming Might Be One of the Best Ways to Keep Your Body Fit

ByDave Stopher

Aug 24, 2022

Who doesn’t love to swim, right? There is no better way to beat the heat than to dive into the pool. Not only does it enable you to handle the warm summer months, but it also helps you to maintain a fit body. A lot of people turn to swimming because of the added benefits it provides, like increasing lung capacity or helping to tone your body. 

Swimming is one of the oldest sports in the world, with references being found in Stone Age paintings. The oldest literature around the world, like the Iliad, Beowulf and even Quran mention swimming. Just like other sports, swimming started to gain popularity in the 19th century. It was England where the sport was able to emerge as a competitive sport in 1830. Of course, initially it was regarded as a mere recreational activity, which is clearly evident from the first public swimming pool opening its doors in 1828. 

Today, swimming is a very popular sport across the world, and makes its appearance in every major sporting event. From the Olympic Games, to World Championships, there is no dearth of swimming events. So much so that people go exploring https://www.telecomasia.net/sports-betting/reviews/bet365/mobile-app/, to be able to place their bets on their favourite swimmers. 

There are a variety of strokes that swimmers use, and each of these strokes account for a different event in swimming competitions. The most popular strokes are breaststroke (which is also the oldest stroke in swimming), backstroke, butterfly and front crawl. The breaststroke is the slowest competitive stroke, and the swimmer is on their chests, without moving their torso. The backstroke is slightly difficult, because the swimmer is on their back, and is unable to see where they are heading, but it offers easy breathability. Butterfly stroke is the most new stroke to be introduced in swimming, and first appeared in 1944. The swimmer has to simultaneously use both arms, which makes it one of the most demanding strokes in swimming. The front crawl stroke is the easiest stroke, where the arms move alternatively to carry the swimmer forward. 

Good posture is a must in swimming. Any fault in body posture might highly affect the body, since it might hamper your floating ability in the water. The trick to being a good swimmer is to make yourself as long as possible, in the water. This would enable you to cover more distance, and put you at an advantage. If you have a slouching figure, your body would offer some resistance in the water, which would force you to put in more energy. It is also important that you maintain a good head position while swimming, because it makes way for easy breathing. 

All in all, it is one of the best exercises that you can turn to for a healthy body. Since it also demands a control on breathing, it also keeps you mentally healthy. In our busy lives, swimming might be one of the least demanding physical activities.