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The 10 Best Tips to Become a Better Golfer

ByDave Stopher

Feb 23, 2020 #Sports

1. Balls Matter

Where you put your ball matters. It’s not one position fits all, though. You have to keep your club in mind. When your using your drivers, you’re going to want to make sure you place your ball more forward than if you’re using your irons. When you’re using your iron clubs you’re going to want to keep your ball very centered. Make sure that when you’re using your irons that you can stare straight down. You should have the right club for any scenario, if your just getting started its best to check out a guide before buying a club, we link to a good one here – Best Golf Club for Beginners [Buying Factors+Buyers Guide]

2. Keep Your Head Down

You don’t have to bury your head completely in the sand, but you should take a note from the ostriches and emus of the world and remember to always keep your head down! Don’t get cocky, just focus. All the pride in the world won’t help you persevere. Holding your head up high is a great tactic for the office, but not at golf. Watch where you’re smacking that thing and never keep your eyes off your ball.

3. Twist And Shout

Make sure to follow through with your twist in your torso, not just your arms. An incomplete rotation is just that; Incomplete. If you want to be the next Tiger Woods you’re gonna have to think like a tiger and pounce in your golf shoes!

4.Follow Through!

What do all sports, all business ventures, all workout routines, and all car chases have in common? Much like your last investment, your golf game needs follow through, both in practice, and your actual physical swing. So, after you’ve hit it take the club past your shoulder all the way to the back of your head and don’t hesitate for a moment.

5. Head To Your Bunkers

Nobody wants to get sand in their socks, but even the best players wind up their eventually. Don’t overplay your hand; Make a contingency plan instead. If you practice your bunker shots ahead of time and play conservatively then you’ll have nothing to fear when the inevitable sand dunes snatch your ball. Remember your ball position. Don’t chop it. Swing it. Let the ball stand far forward from your stance and set it up like a driver with the ball positioned underneath your frontal shoulder.

6. Parallel Thinking

Every time you square off to take a shot, think back to the basics. When you were a kid in geometry and trig classes you had to learn about parallel lines and parallelograms. You thought they would never come in handy and the teacher was wasting your time, but now you’re Mr. Big Stuff and you wanna play the game, but you can’t control the angles of your shots. Look down. Find your footing. Now, here’s the trick: Parallel lines are when two lines mirror each other exactly. This is what you want to do with your feet. Always keep your footing paralle. The beauty of basic physics with gravity and kinetic energy, etc., will take care of the rest. All you have to do is keep square and think clearly.

7. Just Taaap It In

Whether you loved or hated Happy Gilmore, the concept of, “Just taaaaap it in,” is a pretty straight forward one. And it’s true to form. You can be exceptional at the tee off, but if all you’re doing when you get down to the grudge work is overshoot and undershoot your ball till your score is plus 40, then you’re only doing yourself an exceptional disservice. Putting is a pain that can make any respectable man lose his mind and throw a stress fit, so if you want to keep your cool and keep your score down you’re going to need to take the extra time to practice putting. There are a lot of thankless jobs, but luckily practice isn’t one of them. Put in the effort and commitment and you’ll see your hard work pay off.

8. Last Pitch Effort

The biggest mistake you can make with pitching is not understanding what club you need. The swing can be right as can the angle, the position, the line, and your stance, but if you’re using your pitching wedge on a limited amount of green you are only asking to screw up your score. Think about two main questions when you’re pitching. Firstoff, how far away is the green. Secondly, how gently do you need that ball to touch down by the hole? Once you figure that out everything else becomes a lot easier.

9. Get Reel Serious

Footballers have instant playback in their games, and their coaches make films of the practices to study just the same. That way, everyone stays on their A-game, learns their faults, and learns how to overcome them. You may not have a beer-bellied man in a jersey scowling at you and hurling insults your way when you muddy up a clean shot with poor form and inadequate spacing, but all that means is that you have to be your own coach. Take a camera with you or ask a caddy to shoot your swings for you. Your investment will pay off and you’ll finally have a bird’s eye view of everything you need to work on that you’re not noticing when it’s tee time. Sometimes all you need is a new perspective and brutal, detail-oriented eye to make all the difference.

10. Posture Makes Perfect

To all the golfers who went to finishing school, catholic school, or just had a spitfire for a mother figure in their life, we all know posture makes perfect. Hold your shoulders back and down so your blades hug your spine and never forget to keep straight lines. You can have extraordinary potential to be a pro golfer, but if your posture is weak your shot will suffer and you’ll cause unnecessary strain and pain that will effect your game.

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