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The 3 Best Ways to Prevent Termite Infestation

ByDave Stopher

May 18, 2022 #property

Getting to know the best approach to deal with termites is a serious lesson. Termites will cost so much damage that only insect and pest control services can help. Termites are everywhere the idea that you cannot fall a victim is a mistake.

If you consider termites as a serious threat, you can keep them away from you at three different stages.

1. Before building the home

If you live in a possible termite infestation area, the excellent idea is to start before putting up a structure. Create a termite barrier right from the foundation by using tiny rocks that prevent termite from getting inside the property once done. Use a termite mesh acting like a screen with small holes that termites cannot breach.

When the contractor decides to use bricks or blocks for the foundation can cap them at four inches to minimize chances of them forming cracks. Other options include using treated wood, steel frames, heartwood – a termite-resistant wood.

2. Keep them off before building a home

Homeowners can start by reducing the soil content coming into contact with wood. Uproot the plants around the home and make sure the concrete foundation touches the soil. Dig a four-inch barrier between the fence and your house. Keep the siding somewhere beyond six inches. Ensure that drainage is collected at a reasonable distance from the home.

Fix all the faucets at home and get rid of water collection points, which is a source of moisture, which creates a perfect breeding ground for termites. After winter, if possible, relocate al lights from (or turn off outdoor lights) to avoid attracting vermin.

3. Always be on the lookout

Now that the house is occupied, hire a company for insect and pest control services to help tame a possible termite attack. Eliminate all trash and debris lying around the home because those are perfect breeding grounds for termites.

Subterranean termites feed on softwood inside the grain while the dry wood termites consume wood across the weed. Look out for mud tunnels which are a superhighway where they hide as they move to avoid the sun. Fill the cracks around your structures in the compound because you do not want them around anytime soon.

Quick Termite Prevention

  • Plant shrubbery surrounding the home keeps the compound trimmed to create a boundary between shrubbery and outer wall.
  • Use pine needles because termites do not feed on them and they keep away ants. If you are unable to access pine needles, try the pea gravel or create a barrier between the house and fence.
  • No water sprinklers should direct water in the direction of your foundation. Termites love moisture, and you do not need them near your house.
  • Preventive approaches like using wooden sidings or windows decrease the chances of dealing with water leakage behind the wall.
  • Ventilate the crawling space and create a proper vapor barrier that keeps moisture off the ground.

The best way to remove termites is by instituting preventive measures instead of waiting for an attack then start looking for signs, which will take most of your time.

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