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The Attractions of the beautiful Majorca


It is quite normal for a person to feel burned out, especially if you have repetitive tasks to perform every day. An office-going person, a business owner or a student, all of them can get burned out at some point. It is essential to come out of this phase as it can harm your mental health as well as physical health. So, the million-dollar question is how to come out of this phase. The answer is quite fun, set the reset button and plan a vacation at a beautiful place.

Spain has always been one of the biggest tourist destinations. However, the city of Majorca in Spain has recently gained a lot of popularity. The beautiful sites and great food are a few reasons that have made this place look like heaven on earth. To take your vacation to the next level, you should always keep in mind to have some good hotels to stay in. Iberostar’s hotels in Majorca, Spain are one of the best hotels you can ever get your hands on. They have the best hotel chains with glorious rooms and stunning views. In this article, we will talk about Majorca and let you know why people are attracted towards Majorca.

What Attracts People To Visit Majorca?

Though there are many reasons people want to visit this heavenly place. However, we’ll be talking about the two major things that contribute to massive tourism. One of those things is of course the beautiful sites and places to visit. The other one is the amazing food the city provides which is a happy place for all foodies. Below, we’ll have a look at must to visit places in Majorca. Moreover, we’ll provide you with a list of delicious food that you must try during your stay in Majorca.

Places That Must Be Visited in Majorca

1) Cala Ratjada

During your stay in Majorca, if you won’t experience Cala Ratjada, you wouldn’t complete your visit. Cala Ratjada is a place where you can have a beautiful sight of stunning enclaves. It is situated on the coastline of Majorca.

2) Beach of Palma

The Beach of Palma is one of the major tourist attractions in Majorca. It is more commonly known as the capital of the island, which says it all. You can have an idea of how beautiful the beach must be. The clean and crystal clear water with pleasing blue colour. The cool and sandy sea breeze is just a beautiful experience to have. A lot of people all around the globe plan their vacations just to visit this beach.

Delicious Food of Majorca

Majorcan cuisine is mostly based on proteins like meat and Fish. The cuisine also specializes in vegetables with just enough use of garlic and olive oil. Ensaimada and Sobrassada are the two main dishes of the Majorcan culture. Tourists who visit the city, do not forget to enjoy these dishes. Nonetheless, the island does not limit their food to these two dishes but there are so many Mediterranean-style dishes available that just taste incredible.

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