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The Best Places in the World to Buy Pearls

ByDave Stopher

Nov 1, 2019 ##retail

Throughout the world, pearls are considered one of the most treasured gemstones. From their one-of-a-kind beauty to their deep symbolic meaning, pearls are a truly unique gemstone that are the definition of classic and timeless. What many people may be surprised to learn about the gemstone is that there are a few different types of pearls, including Akoya, South Sea, and Tahitian, among others. Not only does each type vary in size, quality, and colour, but each also comes from a different place in the world. Though websites such as ThePearlSource.co.uk are considered the most-trusted source for authentic pearl jewellery at the most competitive prices, you might be looking to purchase pearls from the very country they originate from. As a result, in this article, we’ll explore some of the best places in the world to buy pearls.

Akoya Pearls—Japan


Akoya pearls are arguably the most recognizable types of pearls in the world. Known for their high-quality lustre (or glow) and impeccable shine, these pearls come exclusively from Japan. Throughout major cities in Japan such as Tokyo and Osaka, you’ll find a number of pearl retailers that specifically offer Akoya pearls. If you happen to be visiting Japan, it’s a great idea to visit these stores and witness the beauty of these pearls—even if you prefer to buy them online upon your return home.

Tahitian Pearls—Tahiti


Besides being considered one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, Tahiti is also home to one of the rarest types of pearls, Tahitian pearls. Sometimes also referred to as black pearls, these exotic gems feature darker-coloured overtones that are absolutely mesmerizing. Tahitian pearls get their colour from black-lipped oysters that make them, which are only found in Polynesia. With all that said, make sure you take some time to visit some retailers to see these beautiful gems after you finish relaxing on the gorgeous white-sand beaches of the island. It’s one of the best souvenirs you can take home from the South Pacific!

South Sea Pearls—Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines


More than anything else, South Sea pearls are known for their astounding size and phenomenal quality. These pearls are available in the tradition white colour, as well as a unique golden colour that’s distinct from any pearl you have ever seen. Unlike Akoya and Tahitian pearls which come exclusively from one country, South Sea pearls are found in three countries—Australia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. So, regardless of whether you’re visiting Sydney, relaxing in Bali, or travelling to the Philippines, don’t forget to check out some beautiful South Sea pearl jewellery.

Pearls are the only gemstones in the world that are created by living creatures. Because of the different species of oysters that produce them, no two types of pearls are the same. Furthermore, because each species is only found in a certain part of the world, it’s a great idea to purchase each type of pearl from the country it originates from. Now that you know the best places in the world to buy pearls, let us know which destination you want to visit the most.

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