First of all, you must be familiar with the term impact driver. It is a screwdriver that is powered with a battery. It is generally used to tighten screws as you expect from a normal screwdriver but it has its other functions as well. It generates a strong rotational force that can be even used to make holes. You will not need a drill if the surface is not much hard. You can use an impact driver to make the hole.

What are bits in an impact driver?

A bit is a tool that is inserted in an impact driver from its front. It lets the impact driver tighten screws, create holes, and make it able to do many other tasks. You must know that if you do not have the right bits to do the task for you, you might get messed up. Without the perfect set of bits, an impact driver is not much useful.

How to find the perfect bits for your impact driver

There are several ways to find the perfect bits for your impact driver:

  • You can ask a local contractor what type of bits he is using on his heavy-duty projects.
  • You can ask the store owner what types of bits are in demand currently and what purposes they serve
  • Today the internet is also one great option to find the right bits for your impact driver. You can search on Google about it. 
  • You can also visit review sites. One such great site where you can find the relevant information is

Which is the better way?

Out of all of these options, a review site is the best option if you really want to find out about the perfect bits for your impact driver.

The reason why review sites are better

The reasons why review sites are best in choosing the best bits for your driver are:

  • A store owner might try to pitch the product he wants to sell instead of the best one
  • You can search on Google but every online store brags about its product so you cannot trust them completely. They are trying to sell too.
  • Reviews are written by users and companies who are unbiased and try to provide value to the people. They are strictly honest because their income depends on providing genuine and honest reviews about a product.

Now you know how to find the best bits for your impact drill. Do visit the review site and find the perfect set for yourself.