Whether you’re new to the vape life or you’re an old guard, accurately storing your merchandise is vital to ensuring that they remain well-mixed. Companies like London Vape Co have a variety of vaping supplies you can choose to meet your needs.

Storing your e-liquids requires keeping them in a cool dark place such as a cabinet or any other place that’s not in direct heat. Additionally, you’re required to gently shake your liquids two or three times every week to ensure that your ingredients remain adequately mixed.

Storage Mediums

When it comes to the ideal storage medium for your e-liquids, you’ve got to consider each storage bottle’s permeability. The best way to store your vape liquid is to store it in a glass bottle. Unlike containers made of even the highest quality plastics, glass isn’t porous and won’t allow even the smallest bit of air to pass through.

It’s also vital that you don’t store your vape fluid in containers that are too large. Instead, smaller containers work better as they won’t have a lot of room to le air get in or sit on top whenever you open the container. Remember to keep your glass jars tightly sealed.

Storage in the Fridge: Is it Safe?

Many people feel that storing your vape liquids in the fridge is the best way to store them. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. When you put your juice in the refrigerator, you subject the different components to freezing at separate temps.

As a result, you may end up damaging your liquid altogether. It’s the same principle as not storing your liquids in a place that’s too hot.

Additionally, it isn’t possible to vape juice that’s cooled in the fridge to below room temperatures.

It will have thickened too much and will affect the functionality of your device. If you absolutely have to store your juice in the fridge, make sure you warm it first to room temperature before you use it. 

Keep Your Vape Juice Safe

As you try to keep your juice safe, it’s essential to ensure that you keep your vape liquid away from children and pets. Ensure that you store your e-liquids far from the reach of pets and children. Please stay away from plastic bottles as pets may chew on them and ingest the liquid unknowingly.

Please don’t keep your liquid where it’s visible to everyone, such as on spice racks in order to avoid others confusing it with everyday household items. Many external factors affect the quality of your vape juice, so it’s essential that you try to eliminate them as much as you can. If you store them for a long time, it’s likely that your liquid will change in flavor or quality.

The more you take care of your liquid, the higher your chances of enjoying your vape experience. Vaping shouldn’t turn into an expensive habit where you’re always throwing out juice because it’s gone bad. The more you take care of your liquids, the higher the chances of enjoying your vaping journey.