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The Best Ways To Write A Great Speech


Apr 15, 2019

At some point in your life, you may find yourself in a position where you have to compose and deliver a speech. Does the thought of this send you into a spin and rushing to Google writing tutorials and public speaking techniques? This is no longer necessary when you can accomplish the task in easier ways.

Here are some of the ways that you can get your writing tasks done. Additionally, the finished results will be well received by those who read and listen to it.

There Is An App For That

If you find yourself using filler words like ‘um’ and, ‘you know’ during your speech delivery, there is an app that can rewrite your speech for you so that it is reordered in a way that stops you from doing this.

An app has been created for team participation, speaking, and training exercises. It allows you to gamify the subject you want to write about and present to your audience. There is even a quiz and survey section of the app that can create statistics and Q & A for the audience after your presentation.

Countdown Clocks

Some speakers like to time their speeches and presentations down to the last second. This helps them pace the flow and pauses that they have planned their words around. Most of this is done using a countdown clock, but these are not always accurate enough, especially if you have added in a few jokes—you won’t be able to time the length of time it takes for the laughter to die down.

Countdown clocks can now be programmed so that it can swap the light to red when the laughter begins, orange when the laughter is dying down, and back to green so that you can resume your timing when it is quiet once again.

Consider Hiring Someone To Write It For You

If the entire concept of writing sends you into a spin, it might be best to consider hiring a cheap writer to do it for you. This is actually a good way to save the time you would spend on doing the task on your own. An excellent way to gauge how much you should spend on paying someone to write for you should be directly correlated to how much to stand to gain from a credible written speech.

For example, there was a prestigious scholarship open at a venerable university in England available to anyone who presented themselves as the ideal candidate. One of the applicants hired a writer to amend, edit, and rewrite their letters of recommendation, educational accolades, and a personal letter of application for them. They received the scholarship and will be set to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long term with their educational credentials: Money well spent.

Whatever your speech may be for, you can do it better by planning ahead, and not burying your head in the sand hoping it will all take care of itself on the day.

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