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The Cycle goes into Season 2 – YAGER’s quest shooter gets a brand-new map, two new archetypes and much more!

New season, new challenges: Berlin-based developer YAGER has launched Season 2 of their competitive quest shooter The Cycle.

The new season introduces a thrilling new map called “Crescent Fall” which enhances Fortuna III with four stunning biomes. Prospectors exploring the map will visit diverse areas such as a forest, farmlands, rocky plains, a desert and even a town area with bars and a gigantic spaceship! The new map is much larger, more open and supports a variety of gameplay styles.

Season 2 arrives with a new Season Pass, available in two grades. The free pass grants more than 50 rewards for Prospectors, while the golden version of the pass gives access to more than 180 goodies. The gold pass contains all the rewards of the free pass. These include emotes, banners, character customisation elements and skins and coatings for weapons and armours. It also offers entirely new customisation options for the drop pod, new vehicle types and even new melee swords.

The Season Pass also includes two brand new characters! Say hello to the heavily armoured Korolev Paladin and the Troublemaker, a talented gunslinger! With these latest additions the total number of playable characters rises to 11.

Season 2 of The Cycle will run for three months, with new daily, weekly and seasonal challenges to help players level up the pass and unlock new rewards.

Only two weeks ago YAGER introduced the first iteration of the Space Station (a 3D lobby to interact and meet other players) and Ranked Mode – a more deterministic, highly competitive way of experiencing The Cycle, where all players start with the same Prospector rank and try to increase this rank by finishing their matches in the best possible spot to become “Prestige Prospectors” and grab exclusive banners. All random or luck-based gameplay elements are removed to focus on pure skill-based competition. The first ranked season lasts until the end of February with many more improvements coming soon, helping to satisfy the desire of the more competitive PvP players.

The competitive quest shooter (PvEvP) The Cycle is exclusively available through the Epic Games Store. The Cycle’s press kit can be found here. For more information about the game and the YAGER’s community-oriented open development, please visit

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