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The Essential Survival Gift for Winter Lockdown


Nov 14, 2020 #Fashion

The original long hot (& cold) water bottle.

When you can’t give real hugs, give YuYu hugs.

The YuYu is not just the original long hot water bottle but it is the essential lockdown must have this Christmas. A top 20 best seller at Harrods and available in stores such as Liberty London, Anthropologie and online at www.yuyubottle.com, you will adore the beautiful fabrics they have used to dress their innovative design. A perfect gift that can also double up to cool you down in the summer. Prices from £25.

The wearable ‘long’ hottie pain sufferers can’t stop talking about.

Visit YuYu’s Instagram page (@yuyubottle) and meet thousands of chronic pain sufferers, with conditions ranging from endometriosis, arthritis and IBS sharing their love for YuYu’s long hot and cold water bottle. Designed with a wearable strap, your comfort is now hands-free and low fuss. But this heat therapy solution isn’t just 81cm of natural biodegradable rubber, it also comes in a cover made from your choice of luxury fabric, because YuYu believes that the things you hold against your skin should be beautiful.

A Gift For 365 Days Of The Year

The original long hot (& cold) water bottle. Making Menopause Manageable: Using YuYu to cool hot flushes.

Heat is usually the last thing someone going through the menopause would want, but we’ve found that turning our YuYu Bottle into a full body ice pack really relieves some of the symptoms. We’ve been reading some incredible reviews of how a cold YuYu can really combat those hot flushes and night sweats.

NHS heroes receive hugs from Body-Length Hot Water Bottles!

During the global pandemic, YuYu gifted over 150 warm hugs in the form of their long hot water bottles to the NHS heroes who continue to fight so hard for us on the frontlines, sending out products through a campaign on social media. YuYu have been continuing their charity work by collaborating with Kidney Research UK and Arthr (Arthritis).

Prices from £33.00 From yuyubottle.com

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