In 2020, the world seemed to come to a complete halt, and no major upheavals were seen in the online casino industry. While the pandemic did not affect betting online as negatively as many other companies, on the contrary – the biggest casinos even set player records – last year did not bring very many new innovations when it came. So expectations for 2021 are high, also for casino games.

Megaways mania continues

2020 saw a number of new Megaways slot games appear in casino gaming lobbies. This is the game mechanism introduced for the first time in 2016, which at its best offers up to 117,649 different ways to win in a single round of play. Game maker Big Time Gaming developed the first Megaways slot game called Bonanza in December 2016, and while it was popular from day one, it took a few years before this new kind of gaming experience took off.

Big Time Gaming started distributing licenses to other game manufacturers as well, and last year a number of interesting Megaways slot games hit the market. One of the favorite casinos for players, 22Bet Casino, Because the popularity of these video slots has been so huge, we expect to see many new releases in 2021 as well.

Playing online is even more popular

If gambling at online casinos was popular before the pandemic, now it is all the more popular. There are many reasons for this, for example, the fact that gaming machines were completely shut down in the spring of 2020. The stone-footed casinos closed their doors, so all that was left were online casinos. People also had more time on hand when social life was kept to a minimum and work could even end completely. When you have to shut yourself inside the four walls in isolation from other people, playing casino games doesn’t seem like a bad option at all.

As the popularity of online gambling continues to grow year by year, online casinos need to constantly focus on new ways to attract players specifically to their site. This is why casinos today are seeing really attractive and generous welcome offers that offer plenty of extra money for new players. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with casino offers before deciding which casino to invest your money in. At their best, casino bonuses not only give you more time to play, but also the potential for significantly higher winnings.

Mobile displaces computers

Mobile gaming has been the most popular way to play online casino games for a few years now, and popularity of betting online shows no signs of fading, on the contrary. As most gamers use their smartphone or tablet to gamble, online casinos have begun to develop their sites mobile ahead. In practice, this means that the sites are designed primarily with mobile gamers in mind, but the site as a whole can also be found in a browser version. Gaming manufacturers are also making all new games in mobile-friendly versions, so all modern casino games can be played on any device, regardless of operating system.

We do not expect this to change in 2021, as the use of smartphones will only increase year by year. Instead, we can assume that both casinos and game manufacturers will further improve their services for the benefit of mobile gamers.

Live Casino Growth

Live Casinos have raised their heads considerably recently. The first live casino games arrived on the market as early as 2007, but even for these games it took years before they found their way to popularity among the masses. Today, Live Casinos are downright trump cards of online casinos and new live games are constantly being made. Although live games are largely the same regardless of the game manufacturer, there are still differences in their quality. The portfolio of almost all game manufacturers offering live games includes the most traditional table games, such as roulette, blackjack and baccarat, but despite this, some gaming houses are more popular than others. Of course, it can also be a question of opinion, so it’s worth testing the games and choosing your own favorites from among them.

For years, the most respected developers of live games in the industry have been the Swedish Evolution Gaming, which offers not only traditional table games but also completely new types of casino games, such as Monopoly LIVE based on the beloved board game and the Deal or No Deal casino game version. In 2021, we expect Live Casinos to expand further and offer an even higher quality gaming experience for all those who want to experience the atmosphere of a stone-foot casino from their own home couch.