Moneyline or ‘the straight-up outcome’ bets are among the most popular in sports betting. They are used both by beginner sports bettors and by professional sports bettors. Next, let’s try to understand what a moneyline bet is and how it works.

Moneyline betting is pretty straightforward. There is such an outcome in every event of the fixtures of all bookmakers in all sports. It’s a betting wager on the winning team or a particular athlete. Also, some sportsbooks will offer a draw as an option on a moneyline bet.

Bettors choose one player or team to win or opt for a draw outcome. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that there is no draw in tennis and volleyball and the playoff stages. The bet wins if the selected athlete or team wins.

How does moneyline betting work?

According to the statistics published by players tend to bet on the winner in tennis, baseball, and UFC tournaments. When betting on NBA and NFL matches, bettors choose totals and handicaps. Such distribution is associated with the high scoring of the meets. The money line is more common in sports competitions involving two

teams or two athletes. There can be no draw in such meets.

As already mentioned, money line bets are possible with three competition outcomes. Another name for them is 1X2: 1 – the victory of the home team, X – the draw, 2 – the victory of the away team. There is also the concept of a “moneyline for two outcomes” (12) in football. It is assumed that the game will end with the win of one of the teams.

Unlike other bet types, money line bets are calculated based solely on the outcome of the match. In this case, the difference in the score or the number of points gained does not matter. The specified odds indicate the probability of the win or loss of a competitor. The favorite and the underdog are determined in the same way. On rare occasions, bookmakers offer equal quotes for both teams to win.

And although the “money line” is different from other types of rates, there is a correlation between them. The higher the value of the handicap per favorite is, the greater the chances of its victory. Accordingly, the higher the odds are of the underdog’s win. By choosing a game where one competitor significantly tops the other, many bettors choose to win with a handicap bet as an alternative to moneyline. This outcome is usually offered with more attractive odds.

Key differences between the moneyline and 1X2 bets

The difference between the moneyline and 1X2 is not significant. However, it can affect the value of the odds. The key difference between the two bet types is the availability of the draw option. It is essential to be careful and distinguish between these types of bets when placing a wager. Having chosen the outcome of the 1X2 game, the bettor doesn’t get a refund for his stake if the result is a draw, as would be the case with a moneyline bet.

Although this type of bet is the simplest and most straightforward, the favorite’s odds for the win are usually small. Therefore, in comparison with the moneyline bet, a handicap win may be more lucrative.