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Apr 4, 2019 #Business

– 72% of Brits say the kitchen is the most used social space in their office

– Though almost half don’t have a coffee machine


THE KITCHEN has been found to be the most used space in UK workplaces, according to new research.

The survey of 1,109 UK adults conducted by household appliances e-tailler, AppliancesDirect.co.uk, revealed that an incredible seven in ten (72%) workers say that the kitchen is the hub of their workplace.

When respondents were asked about the appliances provided by their employers, a surprising 46% said they don’t have a coffee machine, 31% don’t have a microwave and 26% don’t even have a kettle provided in their office kitchen.

The knock-on effect of productivity is evident from these results, with 61% claiming they feel less productive for not having a well-equipped office kitchen. The lack of a social space where people can grab a drink or snack, or even just brief respite with colleagues evidently has a major impact on their productivity levels.

Furthermore, 32% go out for lunch daily, as they’re unable to prepare it in their office kitchen, with 20% of these saying they are regularly out of the office for longer than they are contracted to because of extended lunch breaks. 

Further research reveals the top five industries most guilty of having an office kitchen that isn’t sufficiently equipped, with construction topping the poll (46%), closely followed by retail (38%), IT (29%), marketing (24%), and finally, finance (16%).

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at AppliancesDirect.co.uk, comments: “It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, and our research has shown that this is also true for the office. The workplace kitchen is a social space, that for many means the opportunity to enjoy lunch with their colleagues, have a quick catch-up whilst making a brew and return to their desk feeling refreshed.

“Given the constant news around workplace happiness and staff morale, it’s perhaps surprising that so many companies don’t look after their employees with a well-equipped office kitchen.”

The top five industries who don’t have a well-equipped office kitchen:


  1. Construction – 46%
  2. Retail – 38%
  3. IT – 29%
  4. Marketing – 24%
  5. Finance – 16%


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