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  • UK’s largest pre-17 driving school offers 10-17-year olds the chance to drive a 6.0-litre Bentley Flying Spur – whilst mum and dad are chauffeured in the back seats

How many adults have had the opportunity to drive a 6.0-litre engine Bentley? Well, now 10-year olds can get behind the wheel of a luxurious Bentley Flying Spur, thanks to pre-17 driving school Young Driver.

The 6.0-litre, twin turbo W12 engine, 560bhp Bentley Flying Spur is now available to drive at 14 Young Driver venues across the country. Ten to 17-year olds can get behind the wheel – while parents can enjoy being chauffeured around in the rear, on electrically reclining, heated (or cooled) seats. Beats being the taxi of mum or dad!

This four-wheel drive luxury car boasts adaptive air suspension and continuous damping control, ensuring a smooth drive from even the most inexperienced chauffeur. With a dark blue exterior and magnolia leather seats, along with real wood and chrome finish, it gives a taste of the finer things in life!

Although the Flying Spur does 0-60mph in around five seconds, and has a top speed of 195 mph, the focus behind the wheel for these youngsters is responsible and safe driving. With dual controls and highly qualified instructors, Young Driver aims to educate young people about the importance of gaining sufficient experience behind the wheel before they take to the road for real. Youngsters will undertake the same manoeuvres they do in a standard Young Driver lesson including practising parking, tackling junctions and negotiating roundabouts. Learners will need to have had a minimum of one hour’s tuition in Young Driver’s core Vauxhall Corsa fleet before being able to get behind the wheel of the Bentley.

Research shows that early driver education can half the accident rate of newly qualified drivers in the first six months after passing their test. Currently one in five has a crash within those dangerous first few months, claiming 400 lives every year.

Sue Waterfield, head of marketing at Young Driver, said: “This makes an ideal treat and youngsters love having the opportunity to get behind the wheel of such a powerful and luxurious car – as would most adults! The Bentley Flying Spur is a very special vehicle and watching the road from this hand-crafted English saloon car takes driving to a whole new level. And really that’s the idea. It’s lots of fun for the young driver, but also, it gives them that experience of being behind the wheel of a powerful car – and encourages them to consider how different cars handle, and what a responsibility it is to be in control of them. There will be no testing out of the 0-60 capabilities!

“We’ve delivered over 700,000 lessons in our core fleet of Vauxhall Corsas, and we previously also offered lessons in a Bentley Arnage which recently retired. Over 2,000 10 to 17-year olds enjoyed a driving lesson in the Arnage, with many parents opting to sit in the sumptuous, leather clad rear seats while their youngsters mastered the controls up front. The Crewe-built Flying Spur is a worthy successor and we look forward to welcoming more keen young drivers – and parents eager not to be the taxi driver for once!”

Lesson prices in the Bentley Flying Spur are £49.99 for 30 minutes.

Young Driver is the UK’s largest pre-17 driving school and gives driving lessons to 10 to 17-year olds at more than 65-venues across the country.

For more information or to book a lesson visit www.youngdriver.com or call 0844 371 9010.