For your summer vacation, you decide to go to Indonesia and more precisely to the island of Bali ? This archipelago has many natural resources apart from the beaches. Volcanoes are one of them. So, if you are a lover of adventure and discovery, you will be served.

Indonesia has around 150 volcanoes. Many of them are dangerous since they are still active. This is due to its geographic location. Indeed, it is located on what is called the Pacific Ring of Fire. Tour of the most beautiful volcanoes to see absolutely during your trip to Bali.

1 – Mount Bromo

It is located 300 km west of Bali. This site is very popular with vacationers because it is easy to access. You have the choice between the jeep or more traditional means of transport like the horse cart.

The site is well laid out, since there is a staircase to climb to the top. It will only take you 10 minutes. As with other volcanoes, you can admire the sunrise there. At the same time, you will have a magnificent view of the other volcanoes. It can give you a breathtaking spectacle! You can go there with your family.

2 – Le Kawah Ijen

Let’s move just a few kilometers and visit Kawah Ijen. A 45-minute ferry ride from Bali, this volcano attracts many tourists. The reason is that we can descend into the crater. In the center there is an acid lake.

But beware of the sulfur that emerges from it. So if you are planning on getting close, take plenty of water to drink and a muffler. This hike is ideal for amateurs. You only need 2 hours, round trip, to see this volcano.

The great thing about this volcano is that it gives off gas. And at night, we have the impression that blue flames emerge from it. When this gas cools, it becomes liquid and takes on pretty yellow and orange colors.

This phenomenon is specific for this volcano. The acidic lake water seeps in, comes into contact with the magma and constantly produces sulfur. The inhabitants find there a sustainable source of income. On the way, you will surely come across these sulfur carriers.

3 – Le Bratan

This visit is interesting because you can mix nature and culture. Indeed, this volcanic crater 11 km long and 6 km wide offers a marvelous landscape. Three lakes were born from its eruptions: Beratan, Buyan and Tamblingan. They are all surrounded by tropical forests.

Even more amazing, the Hindus erected a temple on the first lake, the Beratan. This temple of Ulan Danau is in honor of their goddess of water, rivers and lakes. Sure, you are looking for adventure, but don’t neglect tradition.

You will learn a lot about Balinese customs while visiting these temples. There are many on the island. You will have the opportunity to take bike rides around these lakes.

4 – Mount Batur

Geographically, it is located right in front of Mount Agung. With 1717 m, it is the second volcano in Bali. It is possible to climb it in an hour, or even less for the initiated. But beware of inhospitable hosts. Indeed, you can meet spiders, scorpions and snakes. And during the descent, you will be surprised to meet monkeys that are still wild.

The landscape is made up successively of macadam, tall grass and pebbles. To do this hike, you need at least 3 hours of walking. It is therefore advisable to wear suitable shoes. And plenty of water, as well as warm clothes, are also needed.

Once at the top, the spectacle is spectacular. You will think it was worth spending the night walking.

This volcano is still active. You can see it yourself by feeling the temperature of the ground. But his ascent poses no danger.

5 – Mount Agung

This highest peak on the island is to the east. Indeed, Mount Agung rises to 3,142 m. This mountain is aptly named, because Agung means high mountain. For Buddhist and Hindu believers, this place is the center of the world. He would be between heaven and earth.

It is ideal for walkers. The shortest trip takes 4 hours and starts on the southern flank. This ascent is a bit perilous. To reach the top, you have to take a rather dangerous little path.

For the more enduring, an ascent from the west side is possible. It is also safer and makes it easier for tourists to reach the top.

It is recommended to do this hike at night. Don’t worry, the guides are trained for this. You will see that it is worth it while contemplating a beautiful sunrise from Mount Agung. Also from there, you will have a nice point of view on the whole island and the other volcanoes.

6 – Mount Rinjani

It is Indonesia’s second summit. Climbing this mountain is quite difficult for the uninitiated. Ideally, you will need 2 days and 3 nights to get to the top. Guides and porters will be at your disposal, as well as tents for the bivouac. Appropriate equipment is necessary: ​​walking shoes, lamps, warm clothes.

You go up and you are hot. But once you get to the top, the temperature drops. In addition, after sweating, you can quickly get cold. This ascent of Mount Ranjani cannot be done during the dry season. If you go there during summer vacation, great!

Indonesia is a rich country. It is rich in history, culture and natural sites. These volcanoes are dangerous for humans in the event of an eruption. But it is precisely this situation that seems to attract visitors to these small islands. Breathtaking landscapes, welcoming people await you there. All this guarantees you an unforgettable stay. There are many luxury Villa at reasonable prices to stay in bali.


Name- Julien Chbib


Bio- Julien is the founder of Julius Homes. His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.