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The Nation’s Favourite Seasons: Brits find it hard to get out of bed in the winter

As we head into winter, a new survey reveals how we really feel about the colder season. Are Brits welcoming the winter season, or does summer remain the nation’s favourite time of year?

  • Mosquito bites, hot weather, and hayfever are revealed as our biggest summer pet peeves
  • Almost a third (32%) of Brits prefer their winter wardrobe to their summer wardrobe
  • However, winter takes a toll on our health and wellbeing as 77% of UK adults find it easier to get out of bed and 63% find it easier to exercise during the summer
  • Brits admit they find both commuting and the school run much more difficult in winter

After record-breaking temperatures and extreme heatwaves, winter is now well and truly on its way. As the season’s change, a new survey by TK Maxx reveals the things we will (and won’t) miss about the summertime, and the common struggles many Brits face over the winter.

The survey reveals that, while only 12% of UK adults say winter is their favourite season, a majority welcome the colder weather as there are some summer pet peeves we are keen to put behind us. Mosquito bites topped the list, as 58% of respondents named this as their biggest summer bugbear. This rose to 64% among women, compared to 52% of men.

Extreme heat is another thing Brits won’t miss as the seasons change – 53% of respondents said getting too hot was their least favourite thing about summer. The survey revealed that younger people hate getting too hot the most , so are more likely to embrace the colder weather:



18-29 year olds


30-44 year olds


45-59 year olds


60+ year olds


Further, almost half (43%) of Brits cited hayfever as their biggest summer pet peeve. Women felt this more than men: 48% of women and 38% of men hate hayfever. From bug bites to blocked noses, it seems that winter is a welcome relief from the various downsides of summer.

The survey also found that many Brits look forward to the colder weather as they can dig out their winter clothing. Almost a third (32%) prefer wearing their winter wardrobe (jumpers, jeans, and boots) to their summer wardrobe (dresses, skirts, and sandals). Regionally, people in Birmingham were the biggest fans of winter fashion, as 40% of Brummies prefer their winter wardrobe.

Seasonal fashion preferences varied by age group. Younger people were found to prefer winter fashion the most: 37% of 18-29 year olds prefer their winter wardrobe, compared to only 22% of those aged 60 and over.

However, the survey also revealed that the winter season can take a toll on our health and wellbeing, as some activities become more difficult at this time of year. A majority of Brits struggle to get out of bed during the winter, as 77% find it easier to get out of bed during the summer. Of these, 51% said it was much easier getting up in the summer.

When looking at age differences, it was found that 30-44 year olds struggle the most: 55% of this age group find it more difficult to get out of bed in the winter. Regionally, almost 9 in 10 (89%) of people in Leeds struggle to get out of bed in the winter, the highest of any UK city. Women (85%) also struggle with this more than men (69%).

Fitness can also take a hit over winter: almost two thirds (63%) of Brits find it easier to do outdoor exercise in the warmer months compared to winter. This rose to 68% among those aged 30-44. Are Brits at risk of becoming less active as the seasons change?

Respondents also admitted that they find certain everyday tasks more difficult in the winter. A fifth (20%) of Brits find commuting easier in spring/summer. This was highest among commuters in Leeds (29%) and Liverpool (28%). As we enter the winter months and hybrid working is more popular than ever, it seems that many workers are dreading their commute into the office – be it a full 5 days or just 2.

A similar story was found with the school run. 20% of adults find it easier to do the school run in spring/summer, rising to 25% among women (and only 13% among men). With the school run proving difficult at this time of year, many families may struggle getting back into their routine as schools reopen in September.

The full details of this research can be found here.

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