The New Low Alcohol Adult Drink for Spring/ Summer – Lowlander’s Botanically Brewed Infusions

Lowlander Beer, the pioneers of botanical brewing from the Netherlands, are launching an innovative style of Summer drinking in the UK with their new Botanical Infusion beers. With no artificial sugars, 82 calories in a bottle and just 2.5% abv, their low alcohol botanical beers are a refreshing alternative to the usual adult no/lo drinks.

Inspired by the aromatics of a beautifully garnished G&T, Lowlander’s Infusions are best served differently, as a long drink garnished with fresh mint or pink grapefruit, for a new way of Spring/Summer drinking!

The low alcohol range features two natural flavours; Ginger & Kaffir Lime and Yuzu & Pink Grapefruit – a hybrid infusion of fruit, botanicals, natural teas and beer. Lowlander’s Botanically Brewed Infusions dial down the alcohol content, instead introducing aromatics such as fine teas to complement the botanicals. The result is a unique, naturally brewed, lightly alcoholic beer, served as a long drink and garnished with a sprig of mint or a wedge of grapefruit for a burst of freshness.

You can buy the Infusions online from Lowlander as a 6-pack (3 x Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit + 3 x Lowlander Ginger & Kaffir Lime) for €15 or a single bottle from for £2.49 or a case of 12  from Amazon for £32.95.