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The Positive Effects Of Having An Aquarium In Your Home

ByDave Stopher

Sep 28, 2020 #kids

Did you know that nearly 13 million American families keep an aquarium in their home? While cats and dogs are often seen as the go-to household companions, fish pets can also be a great source of comfort and stability in your family home. In that spirit, this guide will get you acquainted with the surprising health benefits of having a fish tank at home and, hopefully, convince you to take the plunge (no pun intended).

Reduces Stress Levels

There’s a good reason why aquariums are so prolific in high-stress environments such as offices and workplaces, hospitals, or even busy restaurants. The sight of a thriving fish home is enough to make us feel calmer, peaceful, and keep our stress levels under control. It does so by inviting a bit of nature inside our homes and daily environments, which goes a long way in helping us stay healthy and positively energized.

Decreases Pain and Anxiety

As established, the fish tanks found in medical waiting rooms (doctors, dentists) aren’t simply meant to adorn the place and give it some charm. The presence of an aquarium has natural pain-relieving properties that can help patients overcome their anxiety, psychosomatic pain, and promote better recovery. By extension, the same principle will apply with an aquarium in your home; it’s an excellent soft remedy for those struggling with chronic anxiety or mental health issues.

Regulates Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Over the years, studies have continually brought to light the soothing effects of the water, in particular, the underwater world. As the marine specialists from AquariumStoreDepot.com point out, watching your fish swimming around in a tank can effectively help decrease your heart rate by up to 7%. Needless to say, a home aquarium is a great addition to help regulate cardiovascular health or promote recovery after a heart attack or stroke. In any case, be sure to look for a trusted and reputable online supplier to equip your very own fish tank starting today!

Improves Sleep Quality

It goes without saying that the quality of the sleep we get is crucial to our well-being. Our bodies simply need enough rest to recuperate and prepare themselves for the following day. As such, placing an aquarium in the bedroom or your resting area can considerably help you fall asleep faster and enjoy better sleep over time. It does so by ridding your mind of any stress, negative energies, and troubling thoughts.

Boosts Productivity

Since more and more people are taking up work from the comfort of their own home, striking a balance between the personal and the professional is never easy. Having a fish tank in your home office or near your workstation has been shown to have positive effects on cognitive abilities, focus, as well as memory. Coupled with lowered stress levels and a stabilized heart rate, this boosts your productivity and encourages you to get work done.

Therapeutic for Hyperactive Children

ADD/ADHD is a common disorder characterized by hyperactive behavior, notably in children under 12 (over 6 million in the United States). Because of a shorter attention span, these kids will have a harder time focusing and completing a given task. By keeping an aquarium in the family home, you offer your children a healthy and comforting distraction; they can very well spend hours looking at the fish swirling and swimming about, which naturally alleviates hyperactivity symptoms and promotes better concentration.

Alzheimer’s Therapy

In a similar vein, a study from Purdue University has demonstrated the positive and healing effects of aquariums on individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. When exposed to a brightly-colored tank with various fish, plants, rocks, and adornments, many patients were more prone to mental alertness, improved mood, and regulated appetite, along with fewer signs of violent behavior. As such, an aquarium could be a great gift for an afflicted elder family member.

A Superb Hobby

Aside from being soothing, healing, and hypnotizing, keeping a fish tank at home and taking care of it on a daily basis can be extremely therapeutic. Rather than spend hours watching Netflix or browsing the web, you’ll enjoy a pleasant activity that requires dexterity and a good deal of creativity. Besides, did we mention they look absolutely dashing in homes?

All things considered, the positive effects of keeping an aquarium at home are bountiful. Their presence helps us manage and fight daily stress and anxiety, regulate our cardiac rhythm and blood pressure, and act as a natural pain relief treatment. All this, in turn, promotes better sleep and productivity during the day. Ultimately, what’s great about having a fish tank is you can customize it endlessly; an exercise that’s sure to keep you and your family happy, fulfilled, and healthy!

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