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Apr 12, 2019 #Kids Toys, #Play

Children learn through play and Hape’s range of exciting and original bamboo games will nourish your little ones with valuable lessons about the world around them, without leaving a damaging footprint on the environment. As a part of Hape’s innovative range of eco-friendly toys, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, so Hape thought why not use it to their advantage and incorporate it into toy making, which they did so cleverly in their selection of Hape Games. In fact did you know by the time this toy makes it into your hands, the bamboo used to make it has already grown back! Here is our top three bamboo made Hape Games;

Flexistix Multi Tower Kit, £25.74 from Amazon.  

Build the world’s most famous towers with this awesome Multi Tower Flexstix Kit from Hape by following the enclosed instructions. Or why not design and build your own? Simply use the silicone connectors to link the bamboo sticks together one by one to create an entirely new shapes. Hape’s Flexistix kits push the boundaries of STEM learning in a more interpretive and original way.                                                                 


Pallina Ocean Rescue, £28.29 from Amazon.  

Oh no! Some turtles and whales are caught in the fishing net of the Pallina Ocean Rescue from Hape. Help free the sea creatures by pulling out the bamboo sticks but without releasing the fish. Pallina is a great challenge for the little ones, to implement the use of a delicate touch and a thoughtful strategy. Suitable for all, no matter a child’s development, play modes can vary from beginners to expert.



Skinny Legs Toss, £21.99 from Amazon.  

Target and toss these silly spiders into a triumphant tangle. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor play Hape’s Skinny Legs Toss is designed for 1 – 4 players at a time. The concept? Each player picks a colour, then gathers their three spiders. Toss the silly spiders onto the web and see how many you can get to stay! Whoever has the most wins! But for additional levels of fun give each ring of the web a different value to add up to more and more points.


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