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The Process Of Carrying Out Dryer Vent Cleaning


Nov 12, 2020

It is easy to neglect the dryer vent mostly because it is fixed in closed areas. However, it is essential to keep checking this vent and if necessary do dryer vent cleaning to ensure it does not clog from dirt and humidity. When jammed, the vent dryer can be hazardous to your home and the surrounding.

Although this vent is often enclosed, it is not an impossible job to do. According to Comfort Clean, you can actually DIY dryer vent cleaning without requesting professional help and save some bucks. However, you need to inspect the dryer vent first to know whether it is something you can do. If the duct is not damaged, here is how to clean it like a pro:

  • Locate Your Duct

You definitely cannot work on something when you do not know where it is. Know where your duct begins and its end. It will give you an approximate length so that you can purchase cleaning equipment of the right length and quantity to begin your dryer vent cleaning process.

  • Safely Disconnect the Dryer

Once you are sure of the size and location of your duct, it is time for disconnection. Start by switching off the power supply. It helps in preventing accidents such as electrocution and fire. Proceed with removing clamps and metal tapes that connect your vent to the exhaust.

When all the tapes are removed, pull the duct gently. Do not be in a rush to remove because doing it roughly can damage the vent, making it challenging to fit back.

If you run your vent dryer with natural gas, you need to be extra cautious. Disturbing the gas line can cause leakage and eventually fire when you resume work. At this stage, you can look for a professional to disconnect it for you and then continue with your vent cleaning work.

  • Clean, Clean, Clean

After you have disassembled some parts and have enough working space, start your dryer vent cleaning process. Make sure you have uncovered the duct cover on the exterior of your home. You do not want to clean the duct without disposing of the dirt from the inside or leave any part unclean.

Get the right cleaning materials from your home supplies store. If there are several stores around, check for the most affordable one. A cleaning kit with a lint brush is ideal. If your vent is long, you can consider buying two kits to have a longer brush.

Since the lint brushes come in segments, join them together until you get a convenient length. In case the head of the first brush gets damaged, change it with the remaining extra while keeping the handle.

Put your brush in the duct and start working. Choose the high point of your duct and clean from there. It makes work easier and fun. At the low end, put a cloth there to collect lint and other dirt from the vent.

When cleaning, consider the screwing side of your brush to avoid unscrewing it. For example, if you screw it in clockwise, do not use anti-clockwise cleaning motions. Otherwise, you will have brush segments in your duct, which will require a professional to remove.

  • Clean Up and Reconnect

Now that you are happy your vent is all cleaned up, do not forget to clean the rest of the area. Remove the cloth you had put on the floor carefully to avoid spilling the dirt. If it has spread to other areas, use a broom and a dustpan to remove excess dirt before vacuuming.

Ensure all the arts are dry before connecting your vent back. If yours uses gas, call back the professional to fix it back.

  • Do a Trial Run

Of course, you need to be sure everything is in order after the event cleaning process is over. Run a quick trial and see if your dryer has regained its maximum functionality. If not, check your realignment. If everything seems okay, you may consider replacing or calling a specialist to check the problem with your vent. Otherwise, the entire process of dryer vent cleaning is tedious but rewarding since the productivity of your duct improves and serves you for a while before you can do the next vent cleaning.

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