When people talk about what to look out for when purchasing a car, rarely does the question of color come up. Instead, factors like price, model, speed, mileage are usually the significant considerations.

But the color of a car could affect an owner and how other people perceive them as drivers. It tells a story about the car and what kind of person is behind the wheels. One of Bentley’s senior designers, Cathy Bass, believes a car’s color should be a critical factor in choosing to buy one. She makes her living from selecting the right colors for a variety of cars and knows it affects a buyer’s decision.

More than a third of customers who walk into a dealership go for a totally different brand because they couldn’t get the shade they want. Color can say a lot about a driver, and many perceive that anyone who drives a red car might be flamboyant or attention-seeking. Alternatively, people who drive gray or white cars can be perceived as subtle or humble.

If you want a car that exudes wealth and luxury, then Silver is your color. Over the years, Silver has become synonymous with luxury and opulence. According to NBC News, it is the paint color of choice for luxury cars and trucks sold in North America. Silver vehicles, together with those of varying shades of black and gray, make up over half of the market, Car and Driver reports.

What’s The Fuss About Silver?

So why is this color even popular amongst car owners? Silver has always been associated with wealth, charm, modernity, and elegance. It is also a representation of innovation, sleekness, and sophistication. Many exotic car owners are drawn to the color, especially since it exudes modernity and technology.

Why Your Next Car Should be Silver

But there are also practical values to owning a car with this color. For one, Silver increases the resale value of your car. So if you have any intention of reselling your car in a couple of years, a silver car will serve you better. Often neutral and modern hues make vehicles more desirable and attractive to buyers.

Not only does the silver tint make your car preferable in the market, but it also helps it retain its value. Silver does not fade as rapidly as other colors do. A silver car can make particles of dust less visible, and could also reflect harmful UV rays. It can protect you and retain the paint of your car for a longer time.

This can also help you save up on cleaning products or save you time at the car wash. For families with kids, using a silver car can conceal minor scratches that are likely to occur. Using a brighter shade can make your car difficult to clean and could easily tarnish a car’s paint.;

For many other drivers, a silver car exudes subtlety and sophistication. Another advantage of driving a silver-colored car is that you blend in, and in a unique way. You’re not too flashy and at the same time, not too subtle. The words “sleek” and “cool” come to mind. Many who prefer this color say that they are not often stopped by traffic police, citing a theory that red cars get more tickets. This has long been debunked, but brightly colored cars do make you more noticeable on the road. If you want your vehicle to stay on the down-low, Silver is the hue for you.

But I Already Have a Car, and it’s not Silver

Once you recognize the benefits of owning a silver car, you might want to get one, or maybe repaint yours. If you’re looking to change the color of your car, you can simply get a paint job. But you need to hire professional car painters to do the job. Look for garage shops that have paint booths for their car paint jobs. This ensures that the color will be distributed evenly, and that the car will not be tarnished by dust specks and other debris.

But if you want to try your painting skills on your vehicle, it’s best to check if you have the skills and patience to do the job. Review and check the kind of finish you want for your car, especially if it’s suitable for your lifestyle and use.

While buying a car, you might be tempted to overlook the color. But your vehicle’s color can make an impact on how you maintain it and use it. It can add value and save you a lot of money, so making the right choice would optimize your usage or make reselling in the future much easier.