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The top ten home comforts that UK workers are NEEDING in the office this winter

With many workplaces and the government having encouraged staff to come back to the office, leading lighting supplier Ultra LEDs has revealed the top ten home comforts UK workers have admitted to needing in the office.

A survey of 1,150 UK adults revealed some of the top home comforts workers can’t be without. 40% of workers brought in USB mood lamps, while 28% needed pillows for their office chairs. 

Candles and aromatherapy oils were the home comfort of choice for over 36% of workers, and 21% of those surveyed also admitted to bringing a reed diffuser with them. 

Staying warm and cosy is also on the agenda of many office workers with one in five (20%) admitting to bringing in their own hot water bottles. 19% have also brought in blankets to help create a relaxing vibe in their office spaces.

One in ten (10%) felt comfort with having pictures of their family and friends on their desks and 9% decided to bring in their favourite plants to help increase their productivity.

The survey also revealed the many reasons why Brits are bringing in these home comforts. 60% admitted that these items made them feel safer and more secure – nearly half (47%) felt these home comforts created a calming space. While 40% said that some of these items actually helped increase their productivity – allowing them to focus on specific tasks whilst working in a busy environment. 

A change of a working set-up can be stressful for many UK workers. Bringing these home comforts into the office had also helped many Brits with their mental health with 35% reporting an improvement in their state of mind.

The full top ten list of home comforts workers will be taking back to the office with them include:

  1. Mood lamps
  2. Blue lights
  3. Candles
  4. Reed diffusers
  5. Aromatherapy oils 
  6. Comfy pillows 
  7. Hot water bottles
  8. Blankets
  9. Picture frames of family and friends 
  10. Plants

Discussing the results, Matthew Shaw, Head of Sales at Ultra LEDs said: “With many of us spending the majority of the past two years at home, it’s no surprise that office workers are now bringing in home comforts to their new working space.

“Working from home has allowed many of us to develop new working habits – lighting a candle when we feel stressed or putting on our favourite TV show during our lunch breaks. So, switching this routine into working from the office partially or full time can be quite stressful. Bringing certain objects from home can help create a comforting atmosphere in a busy and stressful office.

“Mood lighting is a great way of creating a relaxing and calming environment – ideal for a stressful office. It’s no surprise then that many workers are looking to take these into their new working set-up.”

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