• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

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robert_little_&_jackie_marstonJAM and Tree Appeal

Tree Appeal, a prominent organisation dedicated to tree planting and environmental conservation, is excited to announce its collaboration with JAM Marketing, a national marketing company, based in the North East as their official public relations (PR) partner.

JAM Marketing is a dynamic and creative team of professionals with a shared passion for PR and marketing. With a collective skill set that covers various aspects of PR and marketing, the team works closely on every client account, ensuring a high level of familiarity and expertise. They have a reputation for delivering exceptional results for their clients and are committed to creating innovative campaigns and strategies that generate visibility and engagement.

Jackie Marston, the Managing Director of JAM Marketing, expressed her enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We’re delighted to be working with Ken Whitley and his team at The Tree Appeal and Eco Media Marketing on this very important project, nationally. It’s a purpose close to all our hearts here at JAM, and we look forward to helping spread the word about the wonderful work that The Tree Appeal carries out.”

Tree Appeal is an organisation focused on planting trees to promote biodiversity, create habitats, combat climate change and enhance the environment for people. Their tree planting initiatives are made possible through sponsorships from businesses and individuals who are eager to make a positive contribution to the environment. Most of the trees planted by Tree Appeal are directed toward schools in the UK and Ireland, supporting the growth of woodland habitats and enhancing biodiversity.

Tree planting is essential as it forms the foundation of the natural environment, providing habitats for various species and promoting biodiversity, which represents the variety of life in a specific area or ecosystem, affecting the health of biological systems and environments.

Tree Appeal plants trees in diverse locations, with a strong emphasis on schools through their Trees for Schools initiative.

Most tree planting occurs during the planting season, which traditionally runs from November to March, ensuring the best chance for successful growth with them concentrating their efforts on plants native broadleaf trees such as oak, beech, and hazel to support biodiversity.

The Tree Appeal works as trees are funded by corporate partners and individual sponsors, enabling the organisation to provide saplings, canes, and guards to schools free of charge.

Corporate partners include companies of all sizes committed to environmental responsibility and sustainability, so everyone from SME to global organisations can become involved, if they choose to.

Ken Whitley, the Managing Director of Tree Appeal, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “In this critical juncture of history, there is an unprecedented urgency to reforest our planet, and it’s paramount that this message reaches far and wide. That’s why we’ve forged a partnership with JAM Marketing, led by its founder, Jackie Marston.

“Tree Appeal firmly believes in the profound impact of tree planting in shaping a positive ecological legacy and extends an invitation to environmentally conscious businesses to join in our endeavours, which will not only enhance their environmental credentials while gaining a competitive marketing edge.”

Companies that take part in The Tree Appeal recognise the value of tree planting as an environmentally friendly activity, raising awareness of their green initiatives and sustainability efforts.

The collaboration between Tree Appeal and JAM Prints and Marketing aims to amplify the message of tree planting and environmental conservation. With the urgent need to plant trees in the current environmental landscape, this partnership will leverage JAM Marketing’s expertise to spread awareness and promote Tree Appeal’s mission.

Jackie Marston concluded:  “As we approach our 20th anniversary as a company, there is no more fitting way to celebrate than for JAM Marketing to join forces with this noble of causes.”