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The UK Water Softening Industry in a Nutshell – A Look at Some Statistics

ByDave Stopher

Mar 24, 2020 #health

The need for clean water is rising quite fast but providing the same has become quite difficult as well. The water softening market in the UK is quite mature but the issue here is that they need to adapt and expand as well. The issue here is the fact that the demand for clean and soft water is increasing at an alarming rate.

The reason behind this is Pollution. Global Pollution has increased to such a degree that it’s quite difficult to come across clean and soft water. The water softener market seems very likely to grow quite exponentially in the next five years. Since hard water has a lot of disadvantages and also affects the health of people, the rise in the softener industry was quite eminent.

In the UK, the rise is expected to be the highest as the UK suffers the most when it comes to hard water related issues. The people of the UK mostly rely on storing the rain water, as it is generally soft. But after percolating through the layers of earth and the rock, it comes in contact with lime and chalk and thus hard water is formed.

There are quite a lot of advancements in the field of  best UK water softeners, and every other day more sophisticated technologies are arising. One such recent sophisticated technology is the Wi-Fi equipped water softener that can be operated from anywhere. And for that all that you need is a mobile phone.

The water softener market is a bit diverse as it has been segmented into three parts. The first one comprises salt-based, salt-free, magnetic and such kinds of similar materials. The second one is all about geographic regions and among that lies Europe, North America, Asia Pacific and then comes the rest of the world.

Recent studies show that the market is shifting from developed countries to the developing countries but a huge portion of that still lies in the UK itself. Statistically speaking there are quite a lot of benefits of this water softening market. Well, here are a few benefits that you should know about.

  • Some of the major countries in each of the regions mentioned above have been mapped. The mapping has been done in accordance with the individual revenue contribution of that country to the global market or to the regional market.
  • A study has revealed that factors like restraints, key drivers and opportunities have been elucidated.
  • The Fleck 5600SXT is ideal for UK households residing upon the usage in the UK.
  • An analysis done by porter five forces has revealed the potential of buyers and suppliers, it has also revealed the competitive scenario of the industry and this has been quite helpful in strategy building.
  • And that was not all, as the key strategic developments of the key players have also been enlisted in the report.
  • The study has helped in understanding the prevailing opportunities and potential investments pockets of the industry and along with that it has also outlined the current trends and future scenarios of the water softener market from the year 2020 to 2025.

Well, these are just a few benefits. The rise in demand of safe and clean drinking water in the residential areas will definitely boost the water softener market.  Now, here are a few key statistics about water softeners ranked in the UK.

  • Nearly, lots of flats and houses suffer from the effect of hard water very single day. Just imagine how many appliances don’t work properly and also how many pipes of these days get clogged because of mineral deposits. Softeners reduce these statistics drastically.
  • Generally, people spend a lot on cleaning products for the toilet. Now, using the water softeners will help people in significantly reduce the usage of toiletries. That will also reduce the issues that are generally related to hair and skin.
  • Most houses in the UK clean their toilets and bathroom twice or once in a month. A water softener in place will help them to use their extra time on something else. Along with that it will also remove all the lime stains that need to be scrubbed thoroughly to get rid of.
  • One of the biggest disadvantages of hard water is the fact that for washing clothes, around double the amount of washing powder needs to be used. But the usage of water softeners will greatly reduce that and will help people in saving their wardrobe from getting grey.
  • Appliance repairs also cost as a lot as every other month smaller repairments. The appliances get a lot of mineral deposits and also the pipes get clogged overtime. With the water softener the expenses of repairing will be greatly reduced.

The UK water softening industry will be quite profitable in the coming years. Hopefully, this would give you a bit of insight about this industry.

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