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The UK’s Kindest Colleagues Revealed

London has been revealed as the location where people spend the most on their co-workers, according to a new survey.

With the festive season in full swing, a new survey conducted by Cartwright and Butler, has looked to find where the most generous colleagues in the UK are located.

London was found to be the city that spends the most on their colleagues, averaging an impressive £37.67 on gifts for their co-workers.

Closely followed by Southampton and Belfast, where people spend £35.31 and £29.92 respectively on presents for their colleagues.

The top 5 cities spending the most on gifts for their colleagues were revealed as:

  1. London – £37.67
  2. Southampton – £35.31
  3. Belfast – £29.92
  4. Manchester – £28.79
  5. Leeds -£28.79

Coming in last place was Edinburgh, where people were found to spend an average of just £7.97 on co-workers.

The five cities spending the least on their colleagues are:

  1. Edinburgh – £7.97
  2. Glasgow – £9.88
  3. Cardiff – £10.34
  4. Norwich – £11.91
  5. Liverpool – £12.29

As part of the study, it was revealed where the most generous people in the UK are when it comes to gifting presents to friends and family.

The survey asked questions around Brit’s gifting habits, from how much they spend on certain events (Christmas, Valentines, Birthdays), as well as if they’ve surprised someone with a gift in the past year.

London was crowned as the most generous city, with people in the capital the most likely to spoil each other with high value gifts.

The top five most generous cities we revealed as:

  1. London
  1. Southampton
  2. Belfast
  3. Manchester
  4. Bristol

Those living in Edinburgh were revealed as the least generous. This was followed by Norwich, Cardiff, Sheffield, and Nottingham.

The data also showed that a third of us (33%) are buying more gifts and spending more on others since the beginning of the pandemic – a possible symptom of missing our friends and family over the past 19 months.

Gemma Barton, Head of Marketing & Ecommerce at Cartwright & Butler, commented on the findings:

“2021 has been another difficult year for many and so it’s great to see that so many people across the country are looking to cheer others up with a gift – regardless of what the value is.

“We wanted to conduct this research to get an insight into just how much people are spending on others and which locations in the country are the most generous. We offer a range of hampers that are perfect for cheering people up, these can also be personalised to add an extra touch.”

Further information on the study can be found here.

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