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Therapy Centre invests to bring latest treatment to North East

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 09.02.46A Northumberland-based therapy and beauty centre has invested thousands of pounds to install one of the first infra-red saunas in the North East.

The sauna, already proving popular at Naturel Therapies at Warden, near Hexham, promises a host of anti-ageing health benefits from boosting the immune system and pain relief to weight loss and relaxation.

“Infra- red saunas are not only the current must-have treatment in London’s therapy centres but are also being used successfully by doctors, athletes and even astronauts,” said Zena Gibson, who started Naturel Therapies at The Old Chapel with husband Simon 12 years ago.

“The infra-red light penetrates human tissue and helps to lower blood pressure, increase blood circulation, relieve pain and even reduce cellulite. The sauna can help you burn up to 800 calories in a 30 minute session and promote deep cleansing by flushing out around 20% of the body’s toxins, in comparison to about 5% in an ordinary sauna.

“They are being used to help with back problems, arthritis, to increase flexibility or simply for relaxation.  It is ideal for people who don’t like the high heat of an ordinary sauna as the temperature can be reduced and precisely controlled without losing any of the effects,” she ad

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