While it looks cool to try at first, smoking can become the cause of many diseases, and can literally lead you to death. Due to all these health concerns, people are looking to switch to a good alternative that oies not cause health issues like smoking. This is where vaping comes in. It provides you with better experience as compared to smoking, all without the attached health issues.

We spoke to Anthony from the Green Society to know more about dry herb vaporizers. After all that talk, here is our recommendation of the top three dry herb vaporizers that you can try right now.


Mighty is named so for a specific reason. People who have personally know for themselves that it really is the mightiest of all the dry herb vaporizers.

Might dry herb vaporizer is created to be portable but still closer to the experience of a real desktop vaporizer. It is very close to the experience of desktop vaporizers.

Every vaping enthusiast knows the importance of the mighty dry herb vaporizer. This is all thanks to the high quality materials used in its construction. Try it once, and you will surely love it!

The best things about the mighty are that.

  • It creates some of the thickest clouds instead of being affordable and portable.
  • It is really simple and straightforward to use.

Pax 3

While the mighty is a but in the heavy and bulky side of things, Pax 3 is certainly one of the best looking dry herb vaporizers out there. But aesthetics is not the biggest thing about it, it is the performance that earns Pax 3 the place it has in the market.

Pax 3 is so compact that it almost hides in your hand, and you can use it and put it back in the pocket before anyone even realizes that you are vaping. It does not even look like a vaporizer by they looks of it.

Here are the best things about Pax 3.

  • There are lots of vaping mods that you can choose from.
  • It has a massive 3500mah battery that can last a really long time. It is rated for eight 15 minute sessions per recharge.

Dynavap M 2020

Dynavap is also one of the most elegant looking combinations of performance and portability. This dry herb vaporizer is really worth trying thanks to its build quality and efficiency.

Here are the best things about Dynavap M 2020 edition.

  • It is really simple and easy to use. This is not a compliment that you can give to every manual vaporizer. The vaporizer getting too hot or too cold is a big issue for many. Dynavap has resolved this issue by adding a click when the oven reaches its desired temperature.

Dynavap is very discreet. It is almost the same size as a cigarette, and is perfect for people who love taking micro doses. Its heats up quickly and creates vapor in 5 seconds.