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Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City in 2021

ByDave Stopher

Jan 5, 2019 #Business

With vaccines available and states and borders loosening on lockdown regulations, now we can start with our traveling plans again. Or why not move altogether to a new city? Starting a new life in a new city is an exciting prospect. However, it comes with challenges along with the feeling of uncertainty.;

But with the right preparation, you can get past that insecurity the unfamiliarity of a new place can bring. Also, with your planning, you can avoid overspending. So before you hop into your car (or plane) for a new adventure, consider these tips to make your transfer smooth sailing.

Step 1: Research the Cost of Living

The most crucial step before moving to a new city is to find out how far a dollar stretches to your new location. Research transportation, housing, healthcare, and food prices. This step will help you create a realistic budget. The internet offers vast information on these things. You may also opt to use the cost of living calculator apps like Bankrate.;

Step 2: Create a Budget;

Considering all the recurring payments you already know such as car loans, student debt, and credit card loans, estimate your monthly expenses. Mind that you would have to save up before moving out ━ whether you already have a job lined up or not. It is advised that at least a month or six months’ worth of budget should cushion you.;

Step 3: Look for Job Opportunities;

Of course, it is a good idea to look for job opportunities in your new city. Start sending applications months before your moving date. Get a picture of the city’s major industries and what kind of jobs are typically available. Try to figure out if there are more job openings during a certain time of year.;

Apart from that, you have to make sure you have a concrete job hunt plan. Be clear on what companies you plan to target. If you plan on taking off-line part-time jobs, take note of local businesses and give special attention to the location. You might want to consider getting housing closer to where your dream job is.;

Nonetheless, if the reason for your moving is a job offer in a new city, make sure to do a little research about the company. Find out if they offer relocation benefits. Some companies do that, offering moving expenses and finding housing.;

Step 4: Optimize Social & Professional Connections;

Connect with friends, acquaintances, and distant relatives in your new city. These people and your alumni network and former work colleagues could be of great help when you try to figure out how to make it in this new and strange place. Utilize your social media and invite them for a coffee or a lunch date. Who knows, they could even help you land a good-paying job in your new city?;

Step 5: Explore Your New City & the Neighborhoods;

Do your research before actually planning on moving. Find out how the neighborhoods are in your new city. Learn about whether certain areas are dangerous, and what areas are considered residential and commercial. If you are an outdoor person, get a sense of where the parks are. If you love to party, find out more about the nightlife ━ the best bars and food.;

Step 6: Create a Packing List;

We can get overwhelmed with excitement when we move out and start a brand-new life in a new place. But do not forget one crucial thing: creating a packing list. Make sure you do not forget anything important. It can be difficult to retrieve something after traveling a long distance. Book ahead a moving company that can help you stay organized in moving your stuff.;

Step 7: Look for Housing Options;

Aside from planning your job in the new city, you need to figure out your housing options. Will you be renting an apartment? If so, will you have a roommate? Or, do you plan on getting a house of your own? If you plan on renting for a few years until you are relatively financially stable, it is best to have a roommate who can help cut the cost of living significantly.

Step 8: Learn About Local Transportation;

Now that you have a clearer picture of the city, you need to decide whether you will drive a car or use public transportation to get around. If you plan on keeping your car in your new city, find out your parking options. If you plan on commuting every day to work, do research as well on buses and train lines which are reliable. Find out how often one runs to help you schedule your day.

Finally, if you are all set, why not throw out a little goodbye party? It is always best to say a proper goodbye to important people in your life. While moving away from might be an exciting adventure, let us not forget the people we left behind in our old place.

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