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Things You Should Do When You Miss a Flight

Missing a flight is one of the worst things that could happen when you intend to travel. It could mess up your whole itinerary, especially if you had everything planned in advance. You might have been delayed getting to the airport and missed the flight. This is perfectly normal. What happens when you get to the airport on time but the flight is canceled for one reason or another? This could be devastating when you’re in another country and there isn’t a lot to do and you’ve already checked out of your hotel.

You deserve to be compensated by the airline for the inconvenience caused. This could be a lengthy process and some people will decide it is not worth the time and trouble to chase after a refund. There are services that can help you with claiming flight delay compensations if you don’t want to go through the bureaucratic processes that are imposed by the majority of the airlines.. In case you’ve missed a flight, here are some of the things you should do.

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Contact the Airline Immediately

 You should reach out to the airline immediately when you miss the flight. This will ensure that you’re aware of the alternative options and how to resolve the challenge in the shortest time possible. If it is your mistake, you might be required to pay for the changing fees. You shouldn’t wait because the ticket could be void even after a day. You will never know the airline’s policy unless you reach out to them.

If you’re at the airport, you should go straight to the ticket agent or counter so that the information can be relayed. Being polite is key when interacting with the ticketing agents. It is not their fault that the flight was canceled or that you missed the flight. They are there to help come up with a solution and being rude won’t help at all.

Flat Tire Rule

If the airline is to be blamed for the missed flight, there are some unspoken rules that you will need to be aware of. If you arrived at the airport on time, the airline may waive changing fees and other additional charges. This is called the “Flat tire rule” but terms will differ from one airline to another.

Don’t Book a New One-way Ticket

It will be tempting to book a new one-way ticket, especially if you feel like you don’t have a lot of time and you’re running out of options. If you do so, you might have to cancel the rest of your itinerary with the airline and this will be very expensive in the long run. You should only buy the one-way ticket if there is only one direct flight remaining to your final destination.

Taking Care of Connecting Flights

There is a chance that missing your flight could result in you missing the connecting flights. The gate agent will need to be notified as soon as possible because you don’t want to be missing all your flights. Most airlines will ensure you’re on standby for the next available flight so that you’re getting to your connection flights. It is important that you coordinate with the airlines so that your bags can be stored and retrieved easily when it is time to get on the plane.

Notify the Hotel

The hotel will also need to be notified in case you’d booked in advance. This will ensure that you’re not being charged additional fees. Most hotels are flexible as they understand that people miss flights on a regular basis.

Check Insurance Policy

There are insurance policies that will allow for recouping the fees in case you miss your flight. The only caveat is that you must prove that the missed flight wasn’t your fault. This shouldn’t be that much of a challenge because the airline will readily admit guilt when the missed flight is their fault.

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Get to the Airport

The situation might appear hopeless but it is important that you get to the airport nevertheless.  There is a chance that the flight might also be delayed and this will end up working in your favor.

Agent’s Discretion

You should clearly state that you made the best effort to arrive on time. In such circumstances, you will be at the mercy of the ticketing agent. If they bring up the fee, trying invoking the flat tire rule and don’t be surprised if it works in your favor.

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