You must take a canal cruise when you visit Amsterdam. They are touristy, I’m sure. Many blogs recommend avoiding canal cruises. How can you get home from Amsterdam if you have not toured the canals? How can you tell your friends that you didn’t want to take the Amsterdam canal cruise People will ask. 

I’m not saying that vacation decisions should be made based on the opinions of others. If I did that, I would be spending my time in Vegas twice per year and missing half of the world. There are some things that you can only do in certain places around the globe. It is something I’ve said before on this site. Visit Notre Dame when you visit Paris. Go to the Coliseum if you are visiting Rome. You can skip the canal cruise if you’re going home to Venice, Bruges, or Strasbourg. Otherwise, go to Amsterdam and take the canal cruise. 

Amsterdam Tips # 1. Amsterdam is a Small Metropolis

Despite how stunning the photos of Amsterdam may be, they don’t do justice to its incredible beauty. Photos don’t accurately portray the bustling city of Amsterdam. The 

It doesn’t feel as crowded once you move beyond the city center and into the ring. The area is still full of people. The canals allow for more space between buildings and streets. Although the city is compact compared to other cities, it feels spacious out in its ring. To get to the center of the city, you will need to move quickly. Move quickly. 

Amsterdam Tips # 2. Distracted Walking and Inexperienced Cycling are Risky

Many Dutch citizens commute by bicycle. Bicycles are everywhere in Amsterdam, and probably more than you’ve ever seen. Walking is a dangerous activity. Main transportation routes often consist of a street and tram track. A sidewalk, a bike lane, and a tram track all running in the same direction. Walkers must stay in the walking path. It is dangerous to fail to do so. 

The city is small, so there are many things to see within easy reach. It is possible to see most of the sights on foot. Pay attention! 

Amsterdam Tips # 3: Iamsterdam Card: Free Travel

I am not associated with the Amsterdam tourism Department or the Iamsterdam Card in any way. I can’t stress enough how happy we were with our Iamsterdam Card. You can purchase the card in increments of 1-4 days. However, it is only valid for one hour. 

Public transportation was used whenever we weren’t walking in Amsterdam. We could get around the city with just one swipe. When we got our cards, a fold-out map showing the most popular attractions and transportation routes was provided. The Iamsterdam Card was well worth the price. It allowed you to move around easily and without worrying. The Iamsterdam card is available with public transport only if you only want to move between destinations. 

Amsterdam Tips # 4There are many day trip options

Visitors often feel the urge to explore the surrounding area and get out of Amsterdam. Many tourist websites and agencies offer day trips that leave from Amsterdam every day. several tours that run daily including Volendam and Zaanse Schans. The tulip fields and Keukenhof take over in the spring for several weeks. 

Another important aspect of the Iamsterdam Card is its coverage for the public All of these places can be reached by transportation, which includes the ferry ride. The guide includes detailed instructions on how to get there and back. The guide also includes entry fees to several attractions, although it varies depending on the location. Free entry to the Franz Hals Museum and Teylers Museum in Haarlem. Two establishments offer discounted food and drinks. In Zaanse Schans, however, you can get free entry to all attractions in the historic village. 

They boarded later than us and took the seats in front of us. They tried to get in but, about halfway through, they became tired of straining to see and started looking at their phones.