If you are experiencing difficulties with your boiler system, don’t worry. There are a few simple ways that your boiler can be modified and upgraded to make it run more efficiently and to help you save energy. As you already know, new boiler installation can be costly, especially if you are working on a tight budget. Making the right choice, however, can greatly influence your boiler operations by cutting utility costs.

If you are shopping for boiler installation services, look no further than a boiler company that is known for premium new boiler installations, upgrading existing boilers, and servicing boilers among other heating services.

Today, we show you exclusive tips for upgrading your boiler system. So if you are looking to upgrade your boiler system, consider the following:

Space Requirement

Space requirement is crucial when it comes to upgrading your boiler or making new boiler installations. If you are upgrading your boiler to accommodate modular versions, then you won’t need as big a space as the one you will require for a bulky traditional boiler. The best thing about modular boilers is that you don’t have to power them all at once.

Horsepower Requirements

Various facilities have different heat demands. However, they still install fire-tube designs that deliver maximum steam demands. Installing boilers that deliver maximum steam demands at all time will only increase your utility and service costs for heating you may not need. As such, it is important to know your maximum and minimum steam demands and then pick a boiler size that you need for the best performance. At LS1 installations, we can help you calculate the right horsepower requirement for your home or business premises.

Consider the Efficiency Rating for Your Boiler

Your boiler efficiency rating has a direct effect on your fuel savings. You can contact LS1 heating to conduct the boiler’s efficiency test on your existing system before making an upgrade. LS1 can also advise you on the efficiency ratings of your boiler system that require an upgrade. You must install or upgrade to an environment-efficient boiler to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.
A modular, on-demand steam unit can meet these entire requirements with an efficiency rating of as low as 9 ppm. LS1 heating engineers are advised to look into various LEED certification requirements so that they install a boiler equipment that is ideal for your existing heating system.

Don’t Shy Away From Technology

Upgrading to systems that feature sophisticated internal controls and user-friendly interfaces for easy control even from off-site will help prevent and cut down maintenance and repair costs. Moreover, off-site controlling can assure you of peace of mind, especially when you have other duties to attend to.

Consider Cost to Purchase

The cost of buying a boiler is dependent on the brand, output, size, and type among other factors. If you are interested in a new boiler installation, don’t be afraid to pay for a high upfront cost. If you buy a boiler system cheaply, you may end up paying in terms of maintenance and repairs throughout the boiler’s life.
When thinking about a boiler upgrade or buying a new boiler system, the main consideration must be lasting cost savings in terms of time, energy and space. If you are looking for boiler upgrade services, be sure to work with a boiler company that has a history of delivering excellent boiler installation services.