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ByDave Stopher

Mar 26, 2020 #education

This academic paper speaks for itself, although there are several websites on the internet which offers essay database and many research paper examples the question which mostly crops up in every student’s head is where and how to find decent and reliable sources. Finding a good source for the research paper is the primary task for every individual which influences the whole writing process and of course, the final grade. Though it is not a simple process it is still possible. In this article, we will guide you about the types of research papers and some tips and tricks.

Types of Research Paper Sources

Mainly, there are 3 types of research papers, below is the list which will briefly give one an idea about each category.

  1. Primary Research: This includes basics such as surveys, records, interviews, etc. Research papers that were published previously in the academic periodicals.
  2. Secondary Research: This contains the analysis or descriptions of the

primary research. Such as textbooks, dictionaries, and other resources.

  1. Tertiary: This last resource serves the primary and secondary materials such as abstracts which provide the summary, indexes which contain the necessary information about the different materials and databases which serve like online indexes or digital copies of different sources.


Classify the topic: Never start the research before identifying the topic, one can never reach the final destination until they know where they are going. If an individual has no clue about the topic they will late realize that they have wasted a lot of time. Thus, this should be the first step. Select a topic.

Keep the purpose in mind: There can be several types of research papers on the internet hence always keep the purpose in mind to find the relevant and appropriate content.

List the concepts: If one has the list of relevant concepts it will be easier for them to find the appropriate material, it will make the process way easier and faster as the student will be able to find the information quickly on the internet.

Make outlines: Some students find it difficult to make notes while studying, however, making notes at this point will be the best thing to do it will make the whole process much simpler.

Lookout for different information: Don’t just rely on books! Find some valid facts but just relying on books can be uninteresting and less convincing, try to find information on different platforms such as films, documentaries, etc.

Start writing: Finally, once you are done with collecting all the necessary data, it’s time to write. Students can start writing it themselves or ask for some external help. Do not hesitate to get some essay databases or research papers available on sale if at some point one can’t deal with the work themselves. Without a doubt, copying such papers is a very bad idea, not only will one get caught they will also be punished for plagiarism and for ripping off someone else’s work. It’s better to seek professional help if one can’t do it on their own rather than copying.

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