Hape puzzles ranging from levels 1 to 6 allow children to progress through the levels, encouraging a continuation of age appropriate critical thinking, hand/eye coordination and dexterity with Hape’s ever growing collection of puzzles which combine one of a kind design and characterful illustrations that help fuel a child’s enthusiasm for out of school learning.  

Level 4, 3YRS +

The Spinning Balloons Puzzle combines two games in one! With its beautifully whimsical design and pop of colour put the pieces together to create the landscape of balloons in the sky. Ready, set, go, the shapes at the centre of each balloon also convert into fun spinning tops to be played on any hard, level surface! Spin the plastic handle and see who can keep their top spinning the longest. A fantastic opportunity to learn about shapes and different colours along the way, in the meantimedeveloping reasoning and fine motor skills. The Spinning Balloons Puzzle is available to buy online for £15.60 from Yes Bebe.

Level 5, 4YRS +

With the Jobs Roundabout, 19 piece, two sided jigsaw puzzle it’s your job to keep the city running! With a spinning feature to replicate that of a roundabout which also helps to solve the puzzle, give children the basic understanding of some of the vital jobs within the community such as fire fighter, teacher, postal worker, chef, doctor, and builder which adorns one side of the puzzle. Meanwhile the second side shows where exactly these professionals may work. Enjoy the brightly coloured characterful illustrations which help bring this puzzle to life piece by piece. The Hape Jobs Roundabout is available to buy online for £9.60 from YesBebe.

Level 6, 5YRS +

Race your friends around the world with this fantastic 2-IN-1 World Tour Puzzle and Game. First complete the 100-piece puzzle illustrating beautifully the countries of the world. Then use the wooden characters and dice to travel to each continent understanding each nations wildlife and landmarks as you go. To really enrich your child’s understand each game also includes a double-sided poster for even more fascinating information and breakdown of the game rules. Offering a combination of challenging, educational and competitive fun, the 2-in-1 World Tour Puzzle and Game is available to buy online for £21.85 fromWickedUncle.


The Solar System Puzzle by Hape offers a magnificent, educational 100 piece jigsaw puzzle to solve. Learn more about our solar system with an out-of-this-world mega puzzle measuring 60cm in diameter! Featuring spinning solid-wood planet pieces such as Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune with a central glowing LED sun, which helps bring light to all surrounding planets. Each set also comes with a double sided poster which highlights the names of each planet and some fun facts to coincide. A fantastic basis for teaching children about the universe, the Solar System Puzzle is available to buy online for £22.00 from Lighthouse Toys.