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Top 5 Crypto Performers: NEO, LTC, BTC, ETH, XMR

The number of cryptocurrencies is increasing every year. Some of them are becoming attractive to investors and their capitalization is growing. Some remain unclaimed.

There are many strategies to increase capital by investing in cryptosystems, someone enters a startup at the Pre-ICO, ICO stage, someone buys unknown coins at the bottom, and some give their money for trust management – but everyone comes today with one goal – make money on cryptocurrencies.

One of the proven ways to minimize risks is to buy top crypto coins, the probability of failure of which is close to zero.


Bitcoin is the very first cryptocurrency created using blockchain technology. Based on SHA-256 algorithm. The total number of coins is limited to 21,000,000 units. Works with Proof of Work protocol. Cryptocurrency mining is carried out through the so-called “mining” using powerful equipment (ASIC or video card farms). Bitcoin is offered on all cryptocurrency exchanges without exception and is in high demand not only among the cryptocurrency community, but also among investors who make money on the difference in quotations. At the time of this writing, bitcoin is distinguished by high transaction fees and an increase in their time due to the growing interest in the asset. The Lightning update is intended to address this issue. In the listings of exchanges, it is encoded with BTC. You can exchange btc to xmr.


Project Neo is a platform that users can use to issue and trade assets. NEO emerged as a result of the Antshares rebranding in 2014. The eponymous Neo token is used as a cryptocurrency. It is traded on the largest exchanges. Experts believe the secret of the success of the cryptocurrency and the campaign as a whole is cooperation with Microsoft and Alibaba. Also, one of the advantages of the cryptosystem is the use of the Proof of Stake algorithm, which saves on computing power, and investors receive interest on the holding of the asset (storage). A total of 100 million coins were issued. Half of them were sold to investors as part of the ICO. Cryptocurrency is also called “Chinese Ethereum”.


Litecoin appeared in 2011 as an alternative to Bitcoin. Its founder, Charlie Lee, sought to reduce the cost of generating coins, since at that time it was already ineffective to mine bitcoin using ordinary PCs. Litecoin uses the Scrypt algorithm as well as the PoW protocol for mining. The total number of units in circulation is limited to 84 million litecoins. Compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin has a higher transaction speed. The litecoin network is capable of handling larger transaction volumes than bitcoin. Blocks are created more often than bitcoin.


The Ethereum crypto coin appeared in 2014. The first ICO in the cryptocurrency world was used to promote and collect investments. The founder of the company is Russian programmer Vitaly Buterin. The uniqueness of the project:

  • lies in the fact that on the basis of this platform it is possible to create various decentralized applications within the framework of its blockchain technology. 
  • Ethereum is not only a platform, but also the ability to conclude contracts and track payments without intermediaries. 
  • The hashing algorithm is ethash. 
  • The production is carried out through mining. 
  • Ethereum is represented on exchanges as ETH.


The project appeared in 2014. It is based on the CryptoNote algorithm. The mining is carried out using classic mining based on the Proof of Work algorithm. The Ring Signature system is used to protect the privacy of users. Thanks to the “ring signature”, it is not possible to track transactions on the network. The main advantages include complete confidentiality, system decentralization and scalability. For example, Monero has no block size limit.

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