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Top Rated Tourist Attractions That Are Not to Be Missed During Your Trip to Myanmar

Myanmar is a beautiful country huddled in the corner of Southeast Asia. With rich tradition, mouth-watering food and sublime natural sights, Myanmar is a unique place to plan your vacation. Time and again, travelers from different parts of the world visit this place and fall in love with this mesmerizing country. Travelers from different parts of the world visit this place and fall in love with this mesmerizing country, whether by exploring the country on their own or on a Myanmar adventure tour.

Yangon city:


We aren’t exaggerating when we say there over 2000 temples/pagodas. Bagan is an ancient city renowned for its rich heritage. The sunrises here are breath-taking.  The endless stretch of temples can be viewed from hot air balloons. Step into the temples and you are sure to be amazed by the architecture.


Kalaw is a hill station with refreshing climate and scenic views that recently crept into the tourist scene. It’s amazing trekking trials makes it a must-visit for adventure-lovers and trekker. Travellers who are planning to visit this hill station can follow yangon to kalaw route with bus fares starting as low as $10.

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Mount Popa

Situated 50kms from Bagan, many of them visit the place for a day-trip to the monastery situated on top of a sleeping volcano. If you are interested in short hiking along with real adventure you would love Mount Popa. It is relatively easy to climb the 777 steps and watch the panoramic views. The place is famous for its large monkey population adorning the passageways.

Inle Lake

Inle Lake is one among the largest lakes found in the world. Are you a photography lover or love boat tours? Cycle around the shore or take the boat rides. You’ll also find over-the-water hotels and restaurants here. Though there are over 200 monasteries dotting the lake, boats take you to the famous and unusual Nga Hpe Kyaung also known as the Jumping cats’ monastery.

Ngwe Saung: The nation is not only about temples. There are few hidden treasures like Silver beach or Ngwe Saung with snorkelling and scuba diving facilities.  During the day you can hire a boat and go island-hopping. This sleeping village is the perfect spot to relax after walking around other cities in Myanmar.

Though the country has not developed full-fledged, it is easy to travel, less crowded and affordable this being in the wish list of many who loves visiting untouched places.  Myanmar stands high as an adventure filled spiritual destination among travelers.

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