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Top Tips for Using Portable Power Banks

ByDave Stopher

Jun 28, 2019 #technology

If you already know what a portable power bank is, then you know how handy they can be. Perfect for charging your USB devices on the go, they are great if you’re out on the road all day or travelling without access to mains electric. So, whether you’re on a long haul flight or you’re sightseeing around the city, having a portable power bank can be perfect to keep your phone or tablet charged up. 

However, it’s important to use a portable power bank correctly in order to get the most out of it, and to ensure it doesn’t become damaged over time. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips for using a portable power bank to charge your USB devices. 


Top tip 1: Disconnect Your Power Bank When It’s Fully Charged 

Most power banks are now smart, and safe, enough to protect themselves from over-charging and overloading. However, when charging your power bank up, it’s helpful to disconnect it when it reaches full charge. 

This is mostly good practice, and will make sure your power bank is protected from any potential damage. The same goes for charging your device with a power bank; when it’s fully charged, remember to unplug it.


Top tip 2: How To Get Better Performance And Lifetime Out Of Your Power Bank

It is often recommended that you only charge your power bank up to 80%, and discharge down to 20%. Your power bank will likely have a charging status indication so that you know how fully charged or flat it is. 

This can help you avoid wasting energy and ensure your power bank works to its optimum performance.


Top tip 3: Avoid Exposing Your Power Bank To Extreme Temperatures

It’s key to remember that batteries don’t like extreme temperatures; particularly temperatures below 5 degrees and temperatures over 25 degrees. This doesn’t just extend to the air temperature, but also covering your batteries or power bank with a blanket or clothing.

The same goes for charging your power bank back up; avoid temperatures under 5 and over 40 degrees. If you don’t, the power bank may suffer irretrievable capacity loss. 


Top tip 4: Don’t Drop Your Power Bank

It might sound like common sense, but avoid throwing your power bank around! Power banks are made using a circuit board and other fragile components. By dropping it, you could damage the internal workings of your power bank.


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