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Top Tips from Home Heating Expert to Keep Your Boiler Running Efficiently this Winter


Dec 22, 2022
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Top Tips from Home Heating Expert to Keep Your Boiler Running Efficiently this Winter

As the colder nights set in, it is important that homeowners are taking the necessary steps to make sure their boiler is healthy so they can safely heat their homes this winter, with 54% of homeowners admitting they do not get their boiler regularly checked1.

Darran Smith, Technical Manager for home heating expert Alpha, provides his top tips for boiler care this season.

“A worrying number of UK homeowners are turning a blind eye when it comes to the safety of the gas appliances in their home. The boiler is one of the most used pieces of equipment in the home, especially throughout winter, yet many homeowners are unaware of how to take proper care of it. Daily use of your household’s heating system can take its toll on the various components that make up your boiler and could possibly go on to cause severe health hazards in the home if not treated properly.

“While we all enjoy the comfort and convenience that boilers bring in our homes, we should also appreciate the importance of ensuring their proper maintenance and be aware of the risks of unsafe appliances. A faulty or incorrectly fitted boiler can cause some health problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning which, due to its odourless properties, can be dangerous in the home. Alternatively, you could also experience a gas leak without realising it, which in the most severe cases, can potentially cause a house fire or explosion. As such, making sure it is serviced annually is vitally important so it can continue to function as intended.

“Be sure to have your appliance serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe registered engineer. Although modern boilers are highly reliable, the better they are looked after, the better they will perform in the long term, with added economical and energy-efficiency benefits.

“A boiler is a significant investment, which is why it pays off in the long term to invest in annual maintenance to further its lifespan – just as you would a car. Regular professional inspections by an engineer will not only keep your boiler functioning efficiently, it will also allow you to identify any minor issues within the system so that they can be resolved quickly. Taking a proactive approach to fixing these concerns will prevent them from snowballing into larger and more expensive issues at a later date.

“Additional measures homeowners can take to remain gas safe include:

  • Undertaking visual checks to look for warning signs on unsafe appliances including unusual leaks or noises coming from boilers.
  • Testing and replacing smoke alarm batteries
  • Installing a carbon monoxide detector and familiarising themselves with the six key symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning

“Homeowners can set reminders for boiler services via the Gas Safe Register’s Stay Gas Safe website and are advised to book ahead to guarantee an appointment with your local registered engineer.”

For more information, visit www.alpha-innovation.co.uk.