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Trigiene Dental launches innovative sustainable products to reduce plastic waste

Leading independent dental handpiece experts, Trigiene Dental, has announced the launch of its reusable Eco Repair Box and a new eco range of sustainable products which aim to greatly reduce the sector’s heavy reliance on single-use plastic.

Single-use products are synonymous in the dental world with decontamination and reduction of cross-infection and are considered vital to meet HTM01-05 standards.  So plastic-wrapped instruments alongside numerous single-use items including face masks, tips, gloves and cups are a common sight and indeed ‘the norm’.

Middlesbrough-based company Trigiene Dental is leading the way to reduce this wasteful reliance on plastic items across the sector. Its new cardboard Eco Repair Box offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic padded repair envelopes which means that the equipment repair process is much more sustainable.

Matthew Evershed, Managing Director of Trigiene Dental, said: “We’re committed to doing our bit to help the environment and as a result, we’ve looked at traditional sector practices and come up with a range of solutions to bring them up to date and eliminate waste.

“Handpiece repair has historically been a plastic heavy process. Broken pieces of kit are often transported in plastic envelopes, so it’s easy to see how waste can quickly build up when using plastic-based packaging materials.

“Going forward, when you book a repair with Trigiene, your dental handpieces will be transported in our new reusable eco-friendly box. The box is made from cardboard and includes a protective layer of foam to keep your handpieces safe during transport. The box can be used time and time again and can be recycled at the end of its use. The foam would then be transferred to a new eco box which is great news for the environment. Our partnership with DPD carriers for collections and deliveries is closely aligned with our environmental policy in reducing carbon footprint with some repairs being transported now in a new fleet of electric vehicles!”

The family-owned business has also launched an extensive eco range of everyday consumables, including recycled hand towels made from recycled TetraPak cartons, biodegradable nitrile gloves and paper cups with waterproof natural starch lining. This is just the start of a vast range of eco products that will help dental practices further reduce their impact on the environment.

Matthew added: “Forward-thinking dentistry professionals are looking to bring traditional practices up to more modern standards and we’re delighted to be playing a part in this. Taking smaller steps to ‘go green’ is something everyone can do – it all adds up!”

Trigiene Dental is the UK’s leading independent dental handpiece expert. The business is an authorised independent distributor for major brands including Bien-Air, NSK, W&H, MK Dent, Densply Sirona and Anthogyr. Trigiene is also committed to delivering the fastest and most secure handpiece repair service available, with a 24-hour turnaround.

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