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TTE celebrates Skills Week


Oct 17, 2017 #Business, #Government]

The TTE Technical Training Group is helping to support the Northern Powerhouse agenda by partnering with Government for its Skills Week.

Skills Week (w/c 30th October) is an initiative launched by Government to showcase the talents and skills of people working and living in the North.

The Northern Powerhouse team is collaborating with educational institutions, training providers and other organisations, which form part of the Northern Powerhouse Partner network, for the initiative.

TTE is currently supporting more than 580 learners and apprentices currently at different stages of their training, with 145 new learners joining programmes at its training centre in Middlesbrough.

The internationally renowned provider of technical training and consultancy services has consistently equipped young people with vocational training and development in multiple sectors, including engineering, oil & gas, process, chemical and manufacturing.

Following on from Skills Week, Government will be launching a series of themed weeks focused on the core areas of the Northern Powerhouse, including education, enterprise, innovation, connectivity and transport.

Steve Grant, Managing Director of TTE, said: “In order for the Northern Powerhouse to become a reality, collaboration is required and Skills Week is the ideal platform to raise awareness and bring together industry and enterprise. The Northern Powerhouse agenda is focused on boosting local economies across the North, through the continued investment in education and innovation to be able to equip people and young learners with the skills necessary to succeed in industry, among other sectors.

“We have seen another strong intake of new learners and have continued to deliver accredited courses, programmes and advanced apprenticeships to young people.”

Steve added: “TTE is committed to providing young people with the skills required for industry because after all they will be the workforces of the future, driving forward the Northern Powerhouse agenda, as well as helping to tackle the skills shortage the UK is facing.”

By Emily