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Turn Your Home into a Place to Be This Summer

ByDave Stopher

Jun 30, 2021

June has just begun, and that only means one thing for us: summer is finally here! Although we wish to be traveling to the tropical island of Maldives and sunbathing in the white sand of Boracay, these may still not be the best options this year. So how can we enjoy the sunny skies and the warm breeze if we’re keeping our distance at the parks and other common areas?

Being stuck at home does not have to be so bad. All you need is these brilliant tips to revamp your outdoor area to redefine your summer vacation and enjoy the season.

Patio Installation

Having a patio at home is a great reason to go outside without actually going away. It gives you an extension of your home where you can invite your (vaccinated) family and friends over to dine al fresco, set up that inflatable pool for the kids, or simply spend more time in the backyard and breathe that much-needed fresh air. But of course, there are importantthings that must be consideredbefore you add that pizzazz to your backyard, including the size of the area, the materials, and costs.

Herb Garden

Another way to spruce up-and spice up-your outdoor space is to grow your herb garden. It does not require a lot of space, but it will surely make it feel full of life. Herbs that love to bask under the summer sun are basil, dill, oregano, parsley, sage, and rosemary. Add your home-grown herbs to your family meals, and they will instantly transform your house into a Mediterranean restaurant. Also, they are just beautiful to look at. You can never go wrong with adding some greenery at home.

Hammock and Swing Chair

Who does not want to go out and relax in a hammock? Bring a good book with you, and you’re all set. Hammocks have a way of inviting you to take some time for yourself and let all your troubles be bubbles even just for a day. But you don’t need a special reason to own one. It could be as simple as wanting to enjoy the warm weather. Not only that, it’s an attractive decorative accessory that can transform a small space outside your door. Don’t worry; it doesn’t require two trees to chill in a hammock.

So go ahead and look for the best hammocks out there. Pick the one that goes well with your dwelling. And just like naps in hammocks, it is always a good time to sit pretty in a swing chair no matter what your age is.

Outdoor Dining Area

Take this opportunity to drain out while savoring the open air and avoiding the crowd. Whether you’re craving that quiet morning coffee experience or you’re planning for a backyard birthday party, all you need is weather-resistant furniture and some aesthetic enhancements, and you’ll never want to leave home again. If you already have tables and chairs ready, you can now have fun experimenting with colors and textures.

Add more zest to your dining experience by using vibrant runners, patterned tablecloths, and soft pillows. Flowers as centerpieces have a natural way of making plain tables look elegant. And don’t forget those candles at night. If you wish to invite family and friends over, a hanging string of warm yellow lights will surely give a lovely sight. For some reason, food is extra scrumptious when combined with a charming setup plus good company.

Swimming Pool

And what else could be the best way to enjoy summer if not to go swimming? Swimming amid the virus outbreak is not impossible. In fact, ever since we’ve been compelled to stay home,do-it-yourself swimming poolsare becoming a trend, showcasing people’s creativity and what having a limited budget can push us to do. The Internet provides a lot of step-by-step instructions and video tutorials if you are considering building your own pool right outside your house.

At last, even at home, adults and kids both get to feel the essence of summer. If you’re worried about the kids diving into the pool unsupervised, you might want to purchase metal fence barriers with strong metal fence posts first before actually building a pool. That way, you will ensure both your family’s happiness and safety.

There are a lot more ways to transform your outdoor space and take advantage of this time when we are all encouraged to stay home. Not only will you enjoy this summer in the comfort of your place, but you will also embark on new experiences with your loved ones. May these tips add quality to your life.