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The key to a thriving Instagram post is to upload quality photos that attract the viewer’s eye. While you must take excellent pictures from the start, tweaking them will give your pictures that new beautiful look. In this article, you will learn how to tweak your social media pictures to make them look more stunning and attractive. Below are the significant steps and modifications you need to apply:

  1. Start with an incredible photo

While photo editing tools can improve your pictures, no amount of tweaking can change a worse picture into a decent one. In case you want online users to love your photos and follow you on social media, then you have to upload the best pictures. This implies that they must be of high quality and visible before you start modifying them. Most importantly, the pictures must be sharp and in focus. Therefore, ensure the images are not blurred. While post-processing can resolve lighting and shading problems, a photo that is surprisingly too dark or too bright will probably not work.

  1. Adding stickers

Adding Stickers to a social media picture is another great way of creating an attractive picture. It is the art of including an image on top of your picture. And Fotors has many cool effects stickers such as shading splashes, add clip art, emojis, wings, spirals, and hearts.  To make a winding hot spiral around an individual, pick a spiral sticker, and drag it on the subject. Drag the spiral around and expand it to the correct size. Pick the eraser and deselect all other spirals to create a realistic look. You may as well adjust the blur of the spiral or the coloring to make it best suit the photo. Wings and emojis are other popular stickers to use when tweaking pictures. To include wings, pick the label and put it around the gallery. Utilize the Eraser feature to delete places around attire and body. Fotors has the best exciting stickers to include in photos.

  1. Includes effects and filters

These are AI Photo Effects subtle tweaks that can be done to pictures just as filters. Fotors has an extensive collection of effects to select. The effects available include crafty color tweaks, HDR edits, and saturated filters that make pictures look like artistic paintings. Scroll through the various effects to explore the different forms in terms of appearance. The most common effect applied is the colorize effect, which shades the whole picture in multiple colors. Choose the colorize effect and then modify the shading tone to one that you want. Choose the eraser device and deselect the person to shade only the setting of the picture. The Fotor Colorize effect is a simple way to modify the background shading while preserving the first tones of the person or subject.

  1. Fine-tune your social media picture

Fotor comes with a variety of manual changes tools for fine-tuning your picture. You have the option of rotating or straightening the photos, changing the vertical or horizontal angle, adjust the exposure and shading, and focus the image to highlight the details. It also has tools for including Blur, Vignette, and Tilt-shift changes. Keep in mind that Fotors also has tools that can be utilized before or after using a filter. To use the tweaking features, click Edit in the lower right corner of the screen to access these tools. An overview of the editing features will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.


Social media is the best stage to attract followers. Regardless of the account, you utilize, above are effects to use and make a stunning social media picture.

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